I am Australian. I am planning to marry a Filipina. Should we marry in the Philippines or Australia.?


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“We want to live in Australia.”

“How long do we need to wait for my fiancee to be granted a visa if we get married in the Philippine? Will the process be faster if we were to get married in Australia?”

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  1. Get married in Australia.that way your wife’s entry and stay in Australia will be expedited. If you marry in the Philipines,then you’d have to overcome a lot of immigration bottlenecks as regards the genuineness of the marriage

  2. you can get married in the phillippines but it wont be recognised in australia until you register it with the Births, deaths and marriage registration. which i think she will need to be a permanent resident or citizen so i dont think it will make things any quicker.

    but if its in regards to deciding where to have your wedding what im doing is getting married here in aus with all my friends and family as well as his (i grew up here) and then going back home as well to have a bit more of a lavish wedding and also so that the rest of my family dont miss out

    and congratulations

  3. it’s ur choice man if u wanna i get marry her , may be u should bring her in AU and i get married here….

  4. The waiting times will be still the same. The approximate waiting times are about 3 years. If you marry in the Philippines then you will have to leave her for a while to come back to Australia for work etc. It will be very much the same if you marry in Australia. She still will need to go back to the Philippines until she gets her visa, which will take about 3 years. You will then need to apply for a Spouse Visa for her, in which time that she is allowed to visit and temporarily stay with you during the the later stages of the decision. It takes about 3 years for a Spouse Visa to be granted, because Australian laws on this are a lot more tight, and with a Spouse Visa they will conduct lots of interviews, some one on one and some aren’t, about your marriage, relationship, body language, how you react to each other, and general questions about each other, and also they will look at your living environment, how a typical day at home will go, and generally your love for each other, and probably a lot more other things. It sounds like a lot of work, which it is, but I think that Australian Immigration just want to make sure that your love and marriage is genuine. That’s just basically what you will be looking at in a nutshell.

  5. it is much easier for an australian to visit the phillipines than it is for a fillipino to visit australia. therefore it is simpler to get married in the phillipines

    check the department of immigration website to find out the requirements for a fillipino to visit australia http://www.immi.gov.au/

  6. It doesn’t matter as she’s probably going to divorce you soon anyway – she’s most likely just using you to get citizenship in Oz. Be prepared for the false accusations of abuse – I had one client who’s Phillipino wife beat herself with a coat hanger so she’d have bruises to show people! Abuse is one of the reasons she can leave you and get citizenship quickly without having to stay with you for the normally required time.

    I honestly hope you two will be happy but BEWARE!

  7. slightly off topic but talking about the philippines, dating a filipina lady changed my life 😉

  8. @steveK

    I am Filipino and I wont argue with you in that case. I also knew a Filipina who left her Aussie husband after selling their house and took off all the money with her.What a shame. But some Aussie men have bad intentions on marrying a Filipina , not to be his “wife” but making her a carer or alalay and abuse.(may not mean physically but from the word of mouth)So beware some serious Filipinas out there looking for a foreigner husband.Dont rush things up. Know first your would be Foreign husband well. You might fall into a quick sand.

  9. I have been engaged for over 6 months to a girl from the Philippines she is being sponsored by my church we will decide once she is here in Australia whether to be married or not that is our plan but we have to be sure once we meet face to face we talk 4 times or more a day and text and Skype 7 days a week we spend Friday night after sunset singing hyms and spend up to 3-4 hours a day sometimes more just talking about all sorts of stuff i have no doubt that i want to spend the rest of my life with her , she has a year or so to complete her nursing degree and wants to finish it here that we will sort out later but we plan on marrying asap here in Australia she we be a sponsored tourist visa ( i think ) and i don’t know what happens once we are married here .She has no children but we plan on having some asap….
    any constructive posative hepfull advice will be appreciated …
    Kindest Regards

  10. I am an american and am engaged to a phillipina woman. i love her with all my hearwhat is the first step in marrying her? what is the quickest and easiest step to get her to me asap?

  11. i’m filipino marry austarlia i’m am here now au. go back in phil end of sept apply visa again embassy say i will apply spouse visa even look internet no requitment spouse visa

    pls can you tell what are requitment spouse visa and how long take process pls email me my_real_maria29@yahoo.com

    pls help me
    thank u

  12. My best mate from Sydney was a top-notch Doctor. I say ‘was’ not ‘is’ for a reason you’ll read this further down. At 50 he was on top of his profession. I wont give away his name but I’ll call him ‘G’. G was an aussie born Italian. Typical Italian background, it was ofcourse appropriate that he marry an Italian girl. G dated many aussie Italians. He was a rich handsome bloke, but broke too many hearts each time because frustrated he never got his dream girl. Well, in actual fact he did get her many times, but he was just too fussy to choose ONE – or it was his silly ‘playboy’ lifestyle i think. Fed up, G. basically gave up on bar hopping, dating sites etc.. One day, a neighbour of G’s introduced him to his Filipino wife’s cousin who was at their house party. She was from the Philippines on a visit. She was 15 yrs younger at 35. Pretty and educated as a teacher, she worked in HK & Saudi (as most of them do for extra $$$ to send back to her family). Later, upon persuasion from his neighbour, remember G. was down depressed with low self-esteem, G. jumped at the chance to visit the filipina in her country. Their relationship had quickly developed. G. had to come back to his job in Sydney. After a LOOOONG immigration process, they eventually married in Sydney. He learnt fast that if an aussie marries a fillipina HE ALSO MARRIES her huge and extremly close family and literally hundreds of friends too. Huge families, typical catholics. All Filipinas are CUNNING & SLY (don’t be fooled by their pretty looks, deeply religions personas, shyness, delicate nature). Taught from little girls that as adult she must marry foreigner for money$$$, be domestic princess in housework, cleaning, cooking and fashion conscious (using LARGE amounts of his $$$ ofcourse). When they married, G. got a rude awakening, he would have to SUPPORT her family eg. parents, sisters, brothers sending back $$$ to her country!!! She used the typical Filipina trick fooling G. into believing SHE would be sending back money SHE already had & in little amounts. According to their culture, she’s the treasurer of the couple, she has control of all his $$$, his credit card became HERS, ALL OF IT. Every month shedding sweet tears, she’d send a large amount of money to her family (medical expenses, food, family education etc.) A few times she even visited her country to see family, leaving G. alone hard-working in Sydney, while she splurged each time over $20,000 on his credit card! By now, G’s concerned family was livid, deeply upset at this cute, sweet Filipina who slithered with sweetness into his family and destroyed G.. G. would tell his family ‘BUT I LOVE HER’. What about G’s ill family members? NUP, the filipina DIDN’T CARE to help them! G. became disillusioned. Told all and sundry about his GOLD DIGGER filipina. ‘Happens all the time’, they told him. After trying for kids for a year, they couldn’t have them , he became infertile (due to stress? age?) with sperm probs & her plan of donor sperm didnt eventuate Thank God! G. sought medical help (ironic that he was a doctor). But too little, too late. Severe Depression set in. Divorce. He left his excellent medical career, in a mess, on the pension & dependant on prescription drugs & other help for the rest of his life. In summary, G. had previously dismissed all the BELLA’S in his dating life only to have this sad ending with a witch Filipina. Lesson here buddies: stick to YOUR CULTURE and STAY AWAY from ASIAN (and other foreign) Gold Diggers !!!!

  13. Filipina’s lie to their Aussie husbands, steal, cheat on them given any opportunity and milk them of any $$$ that you worked ALL YOUR LIFE for, to support her parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews and her struggling many friends back home in Phillipines. You will become her ATM machine. DON’T BE A SUCKER. Are you willing to forfeit your credit card to her permanently???? She will argue with screaming fits to you if you don’t. They’re not as good at cooking nor at cleaning. They finger-pick their flat noses and don’t care for the anglo/european way of etiquette. The stereotype that they are domesticated is a lie. They will always be on Facebook/Twitter/Skype with their family and friends (at YOUR EXPENSE $$$) EVERY MINUTE of the day. You become LAST PLACE to her family and friends. Their English accent is very very annoying – you will eventually get fed up with it. They are not genuinely religious, they use religion as a front to hook a westerner for $$$. How do I know all this? I have just ended my marriage with a Filipina because here in Australia I lost all my possessions BEFORE divorce. Get it? My Life Savings….. gone! My Houses…. gone! To make matters worse, she did what most Filipinas who miss their homeland do…… she self-harmed herself (eg slits with knives on her body) and claimed to police that I DID IT! Lucky that the police didn’t believe this – they obviously know this ploy all too well! exploiting someone who only wants you as a ticket to a better life is not really a recipe for happiness. Guys, listen to me, stay away from these devil women for your own sanity. I’m 53 divorced(no kids) and will contine searching for my beautiful sweetheart Aussie darlings, STUFF chasing foreign Asians (believe me, they are NOT better) i don’t care how long it takes. I’m here to warn you guys. Filipinas are expert manipulators, exploiters, opportunists. Take care & BE SMART!

  14. we are not affected pandel..maybe u are not good husband to her…that’s y…dont judge to any pilipina..u dont have right to say that..all wat u say is againts to pilipino people..wat do u think who u are?…

  15. I feel sorry for Pandel, wake up to yourself, “Fair Go, Mate’. You can’t go on judging a race and generalising because you’re pissed off of what happened to your married life. Take a good look at yourself, your culture, your race? You made the choice to marry her, did you respect her, did you treat her right? I hope you find the wisdom to know the difference!

  16. To John, if your mate stuck with his same race he might’ve been worse off. It’s understandable that you’re pissed off too to see your mate in a rut, but ‘get off the grass’ and stop judging people by their race, you’re background isn’t perfect either. You’re only judging by what you see and hear from your mate but take a step back and see both sides of the story before you generalise Gold Digger, would you want me call your mate a ‘cradlel snatcher’? so stop the nastiness. I hope you find the serenity to accept the things you can not change.

  17. Reading the anti Filipina posts below I can’t help thinking they may be examples of sad and sorry foreigners who meet a Filipina online and after a couple of weeks of internet chatting fall in “love” with the girl and propose marriage. Sure there are girls out there who make a cottage industry of scamming foreign guys but there are also many stupid foreign guys who just want a young sexy trophy wife to show off back home. My advice is forget the internet, go to the Philippines and take your time to get to know a girl and her family..NEVER rush into marriage, it rarely works out never mind if you do it in the Philippines or in your own country. I’ve been with my sweetheart for three years and we are only now planning marriage after our relationship survived long periods of time apart while I’m back in Australia..I’m confident it will be successful. Don’t insult all Filipinas just because you have had a bad experience or know someone who has, there’s plenty of horror stories of guys marrying Australian women and losing everything to them. As we say..build a bridge & GET OVER IT!

  18. I agree with some negative posts about Filipina as reality bites, but not only filipinos other races in evry walks of life has its own DEVILS, they are more decent filipina than your worst nightmare, What happened to you is a shame but some found the best filipina woman in their life. Next time marry a very rich woman regardless of their races, then u could have probably had a better life.

  19. I am Australian. I met my Filipina wife in Manila just over three years ago (11/2012) and we married in the Philippines. She came to Australia on a tourist visa immediately after the honeymoon and we then applied for a spouse visa through a migration agent. The final permanent visa should be granted shortly. We did not register our marriage with the Birth Deaths & Marriages department and were not required to. A certified marriage certificate from the Philippines was sufficient proof.

  20. I must say all the comments above, i can’t agree or disagree! I’ve heard so many stories about filo’s marrying aussie for 2 purpose .. $$$ or citizenship! But please do not speak as if its every filo. Not everyone are the same. I’m pinay married to Australian! i have been married for about a bit less than 7 years now. Yes, i do ask my husband’s permission if i could help my family but i do work hard and save so in case of rainy season back at home i have cash aside without affecting my day to day life/expenses as a married woman. As typical filo, i also act religious , i don’t go to church every Sunday and yes i do evil stuff, like curse or swear at people i even swear at my husband. (everyone does) Typical stereotype that filo’s are good at cooking and cleaning! I’m neither .. i don’t cook at home and in fact my husband does the cooking at home. I do clean! i do my best around the house, i’m not good at it but i try hard. My husband wash the clothes and hang them outside too! Most of what was mentioned above i do them and or don’t do! But still happily married? answer: my husband knew exactly what sort of person he is marrying in to, not just me yes the whole family! And my husband did not marry someone 3 times double his age like a lot of guys do. (Marrying someone 4 times their ages, i mean really?) Be smart , use your heart and brain and stop thinking about your Johnson! If you’re marrying for the sake of your Johnson don’t expect too much. You’ll get exactly what you’re after. (my opinion)

  21. Im from the Philippines and i dont think filipinas are as bad as you think. Im here to prove its not true. Im looking for an honest and loving partner that could share my life with. Just send email through loi_a2000@yahoo.com if you are interested.

  22. My family was torn apart from a fillipo lady,7 years,I ready to get married,and now I separate,with 2 kids,he went over to Philippines on work ,and told me it was mediation,4 times in 5 months,and then brought a house behind my back ,well 2 days I found him ,and I knocked on the door to ask what the he’ll was going on.and his new girlfriend was there,after many lies New lies,so I hope kmara gets him bad,as I now going 4 a property settlement etc,plus he had 2 face book accounts etc…. .

  23. There are bad Filipino’s and there are bad Aussies. There are many Filipina women with good intentions that have married an Aussie man. Then once they are back in Australia he lives down the pub with his mates, beats her, goes to hookers etc. Just as their are gold digger Filipinas that milk their Aussie like an ATM, get citizenship then divorce him. Remember divorce is easy in Oz, after being separate 12 months she just has to fill out some forms, attend court then bobs your uncle.
    If your 60 odd and hook up with an 19-21 yo Filipina then your probably going to get screwed. There is no way for you to even be any sort of a husband to a girl that young. She is young and perfect, you are old saggy and running out of libido.
    If however your ages are not crazy far apart you have as good a chance at making it as 2 Aussies getting married. Remember the Aussie divorce rate is around 50%. ozman599@yahoo.com.au

  24. Nah!! Hey not all Filipina are the same.. Cmon I’m going to marry my Aussie fiance.. And I swear to God now. I will never use him for anything..

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