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Enroute Travel Guide

Top tips and must-haves on your flight from Manila to Melbourne

“I am going on an adventure!”  Bilbo Baggins shouted as he left the Shire to go on a mission, choosing purpose over comfort. It was...

How to save up on your summer trips

In this unpredictable time, being a student is pretty hard. Most of your studying is remote, and you lack human interaction and experiences. Traveling...

Thinking of travelling to the Philippines soon?

Updated 12 December 2021 With more than a year in a state of lockdown, compounded by the mass hysteria brought about by COVID-19, the world...

Everything you need to know about traveling from Australia to Southeast Asia during the pandemic

The Australian government has recently announced the reopening of international borders starting in November. However, many countries all around the world are still dealing with a...

7 tips to avoid travel emergencies

Over the last several months, most of the questions and requests for assistance the Philippine Consulate has received have to do with travel, particularly...

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