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Happy 119th Philippine Independence Day!

Tribute to the Philippine Flag

Excerpts from a Masonic Salute to the Flag

  • The national banner of our country – the Philippines – stands for a people, united with every element forming an integral whole, a geographical territory without dismemberment – a republic, democratic, free and independent.
  • It is an emblem of our national freedom, the incarnation, and inspiration of all that is dear and noble in Philippine life.
  • The Sun is an emblem of the eternal life of the nation and a symbol of the perpetual life that guards the destiny of our race.
  • Its eight rays represent the first eight constituent provinces, the three stars designate the three great regions, ours by the gift of nature and by the design of the Almighty.
  • The white triangle tells us of our peaceful and friendly purposes as well as the sincerity and purity of our actions.
  • The blue field denotes our patriotism and our lofty principles and purposes.
  • The red stripe proclaims our indomitable energy with which we hold on to our tropical skies.
  • As our forefathers have dreamed of it, so may it float forever over the land of a happy people.
  • There flies our flag, an emblem of rare beauty and patriotic meaning.
  • The constant inspiration of our people for a life of peace, independence and freedom.
  • Salute it because it is the symbol of the happiness and felicity of our forefathers and heroes during the centuries gone by;
  • Kiss it because it is the banner of the brave sons of our Rajah Sulaimans and Maria Claras; Press it upon your bosom because it is the sacred colors of our country, the Philippines;
  • Place it in your hearts because it is the symbol of our country that is over us in all our vicissitudes of life;
  • Love it because it is the fruit and sacrifices of our brothers and heroes who perished for our nation’s cause;
  • Adore it because it is the living personification of the spirit of our land of birth;
  • Venerate it because it is the living mantle that covered the bleeding and mangled bodies of our heroes – dead;
  • Bless it and dedicate it to God because it is the fruit and sacrifices of our brothers and heroes who now in eternity rest;
  • And trust it to the Almighty and to human justice that it be preserved for us, for our children and our children’s children, to glorify and render more holy that those who died for it might not have died in vain.

Inviting all Filipino Centenarians in Victoria

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) – Manila, is requesting information on Filipino Centenarians living in Australia. The information collated will be part of the CFO’s annual project to award Filipino Centenarians overseas.

Filipino citizens residing abroad who have reached one hundred (100) years of age (otherwise known as centenarian) may now apply for availment of awards and incentives pursuant to the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 10868 or An Act Honoring and Granting Additional Benefits and Privileges to Filipino Centenarians, and For Other Purposes.

For more information regarding the press release, you may wish to contact Patricia Marie Salvador of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in the Philippines through telephone number (632) 552-4760, facsimile number (632) 561-8327 or by email at

The guidelines and application form for Overseas Centenarians can be downloaded from the CFO Website (

To assist in this process, the Consulate is requesting all Filipino Community organisations to provide any information on Filipino Centenarians living in Victoria.

Filipino scholars, professional Filipino artists and artist groups

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in the Philippines is requesting information on Filipino scholars, professional Filipino artists and artists groups who are based in Victoria to assist NCCA in tapping overseas Filipino artists and scholars for their various cultural diplomacy projects and bilateral events.

In view of this, the Consulate is requesting the cooperation of the Filipino Community in providing an updated list and contact information of Filipino scholars/students, professional Filipino artists and artist groups.


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