Ross Manuel regains PFVI control


6 rossThe Philippine Fiesta of Victoria Inc. (PFVI) Management Committee led by its Chairperson Ross Manuel recently regained control over the management of the Fiesta affairs from the Concerned Members of PFVI. The Consumer Affairs of Victoria (CAV) concluded that the Special General Meeting held by the Concerned Members of the PFVI and the documents used in notifying the changes in the details of PFVI to the CAV were not compliant with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

On 28 April 2013, the Concerned Members, led by Maina Walkley, held a Special General Meeting to form the Interim Management Committee to take over PFVI and stand down its Management Committee, immediately after the conclusion of the heated debates in the PFVI Annual General Meeting held at the Philippine Community Centre in Laverton.

The Interim Management Committee sought to change PFVI records and details with the Incorporated Associations Register by notifying the CAV on 22 May 2013, however, the lodgement of documents containing these changes was withdrawn by CAV following a letter of advice from Manuel. In a letter to CAV on 29 May 2013, Manuel reported that PFVI did not call a Special General Meeting to effect changes to its Committee, Secretary, and address details. This prompted CAV to examine the matter raised and upon examination, concluded that the Special General Meeting and changing of the PFVI details are not compliant with the Act. PFVI original records have therefore been retained and unchanged as per CAV’s advice in a letter of response to Manuel on 3 June 2013. Read CAV’s letter to Manuel on

Manuel exposed the legality and lack thereof behind the actions of the Concerned Members by issuing a statement to the Filipino community condemning the action. The Concerned Members, he added, are not even legitimate members of PFVI hence any action was unlawful and fraudulent. Read the statement on

Meanwhile, Manuel invited community leaders for a meeting on 30 June 2013 at the Philippine Community Centre in Laverton. This was eventually cancelled.

In the same letter, Manuel described the actions and formation of Interim Management Committee as illegal, fraudulent, self-appointed, and disruptive of the operations holding the Philippine Fiesta 2013. He also touched on the issues surrounding the building of the Philippine Community House in Laverton which allegedly has been overdue because of a number of oppositions with the same group of people over the years. The PFVI Management Committee envisioned the Philippine Community House for the people to use and to have a lasting legacy to the succeeding Filipino-Australian generations.

Manuel further declared in his statement that taking over PFVI’s bank accounts, filing changes of committee members with the CAV, and defaming the reputation of the PFVI Management Committee to the social media and the public pose grave legal consequences to the Concerned Members.

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