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5 best value solutions for your kitchen

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Since this year we all got to spend more time indoors, the time spent in our kitchens increased as well.  And because a nice environment can lift up our mood and make our days brighter, here are 5 ways you can make your kitchen look better and feel cosier without having to spend a fortune on furniture, appliances and a total makeover. 

Paint the kitchen cabinets 

Changing the kitchen cabinets may seem tempting but sometimes we choose to do it just because we grew tired of the old ones. A more financially effective (not to mention eco friendly) solution would be to paint the old ones, instead of buying a new set. Changing the color or the pattern can be enough to make us feel like we have a new object in our kitchen. 

You can pick a color to match the rest of the furniture and appliances or you can change it according to its meaning in color psychology. For example, green stands for balance and growth, yellow represents optimism and so on. Attention to details can bring great satisfaction. In this case, considering replacing the cabinet hardware can be an excellent final touch. Metal, shiny chrome and black hardware are some elegant and evergreen options. 

Get a new kitchen sink

Never underestimate the power of a great stainless steel sink, even if nowadays we tend to use it less than our parents did before us, thanks in part to a small miracle called “the dishwashing machine”. 

The sink can be the centerpiece of the kitchen and can be both pretty and effective. When choosing a new sink, be aware of its dimensions, see if you need a single or double bowl sink and do not forget to check the material, as you don’t want it to stain or scratch easily. A quality option can be a sink from the Buildmat selection. They are made in Australia and are crafted from 20% thicker stainless steel. And if you decide to change the sink, why not consider changing the basin mixer as well? It can enhance the look and functionality of the new kitchen addition. 


Most of the time, when we talk about redecorating the kitchen we imagine an expensive total makeover of the room where we spend an important part of our time. The idea can be frightening if we think we have to do everything at once. 

Instead of going for broke, you can start with the essentials. Focus on those inexpensive pieces that can easily change your mood. Think about textiles, for example. You can invest in new chair cushions, table cloth, kitchen towels and oven mitts. Or you can change the storage recipients, get new cutlery or new colorful appliances. Think how a red toaster or a light blue coffee machine would look on your kitchen counter. Sometimes the joy is in the little details. 

If you are willing to go bigger, you can go for that larger fridge that you dream about or that new oven with a retro vibe that will push you to try those chocolate cookie recipes you subscribed to on Instagram. 

Add life 

Another way to redecorate your kitchen is to bring more life to it. Adding a few plants can be an inspired change, as this can bring multiple benefits. Besides giving a nice touch and look to the room, plants will purify the air and can boost your creativity. 

If choosing the pots, “the sky’s the limit”, choosing the plants must take a bit of previous documentation as you have to consider a few aspects, like light exposure or humidity. And if you don’t have much sunlight in your kitchen, don’t worry, there are options for you too. Here is a list of 8 plants that will thrive in any kitchen

Also, do not forget to place a ball of fruits on the table. It will be pleasant to the eye and remind you to get your daily dose of vitamins and leave the ice cream for later. 

Change the backsplash tile 

This is another small change that can get you a long way, especially if you like to cook and spend time in front of your kitchen counter and sink. This is the center of the kitchen and everybody’s eyes will run there when they enter the room. You can try out different colors, styles and patterns. You can cover the whole wall, or just a part of it. But whether you go for stripes, marble, painted gloss, bricks or vibrant colors, make sure you love it. To help you choose, here are 55 backsplash ideas that will transform the entire kitchen.  

Take your time and enjoy the process of making a few small changes that will make you love your home even more.

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