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5 In-Demand Skilled Jobs in Australia For Migrants

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For skilled migrants, Australia offers a range of visa options, including the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) and the State Nominated Occupation Visa. Besides matching qualifications with Australian standards, English proficiency tests and an Expression of Interest through Skill Select may be required when jobseeking in Australia. 

With that in mind, what are the most in-demand skills in Australia? Which jobs offer a good chance of employment and seamless migration? 

Engineering and Related Fields

The oil and gas industry in Australia makes up a significant proportion of the global energy market – it’s also very important to the Australian economy. oil and gas jobs range of engineering expertise, particularly in fields like environmental engineering, to meet the challenges of sustainable resource extraction and environmental stewardship.

Oil and Gas Engineers are crucial in exploring, extracting, and processing natural gas and petroleum. Their work involves designing and developing extraction methods and equipment, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

Environmental Engineers in Oil and Gas play an increasingly important role given the environmental sensitivities of the sector. They focus on developing sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Healthcare Sector

In Australia’s healthcare sector, registered nurses, aged care and disability support workers, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists are in high demand. The sector’s growth is propelled by an ageing population and increased focus on mental health. A significant shortage in nursing is anticipated, with over 100,000 nurses needed by 2025. Aged care and disability sectors are also expanding rapidly due to demographic shifts

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Education and Training

In Australia, the education and training sector is experiencing significant growth, with an estimated 113,700 jobs available through 2023. This sector encompasses a wide range of roles, highlighting the demand for educators across various levels and specialisations. 

Notable occupations include secondary school teachers and university tutors and lecturers. There’s also a high demand for specialised teachers, such as those for the hearing impaired. 

Information Technology

The Information Technology sector in Australia is booming, with a strong demand for professionals in this field. Key roles include applications and software programmers, ICT security specialists, database and systems administrators, and ICT business analysts. This demand is driven by Australia’s growing reliance on technology in various sectors, necessitating skilled professionals to manage, develop, and secure digital infrastructure and data. The inclusion of these roles on Australia’s skilled occupation list underlines their critical importance in the current job market.

Construction and Trades

The construction and trades sector in Australia is set to see considerable job growth, with 118,800 jobs projected through 2023. Recruitment Australia are always big on trades, as the sector covers a range of skills including electricians, construction managers, joiners and carpenters, plumbers, and painting trades workers. The demand in this sector reflects Australia’s expanding infrastructure and housing needs, with skilled tradespeople playing a crucial role in meeting these demands. The diverse range of roles indicates a healthy construction industry and the varied opportunities within it.

Final Word

When it comes to migrants getting a job in Australia, generally practical skills and trades are best. While there is a growing tech sector, Australia remains to have a resource-rich economy that is reliant on mining, construction, and engineering.

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