Leslyn is originally from Zambales and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Baguio.  Leslyn’s first worked as a Theatre Nurse in Parañaque, then in Olongapo to be near her family. Leslyn set her mind to migrate to the US, but Leslyn’s colleague introduced her to working in Australia instead. After doing some research and getting advice from friends, Leslyn chose to come to Australia.


Leslyn was expecting to find a job right away once she arrived in Melbourne and thought would also be easy for her to eventually buy her own house and save money quickly. However, Leslyn was on visitor visa (business stream) when she was doing her Nurse Bridging Program (IRON). She did not have work rights on this visa and without any income, Leslyn struggled to survive while studying.

Leslyn went back to the Philippines after completing IRON (as her visa had a maximum stay of three months) and came back to Australia with the goal of working as an RN. Leslyn hand-delivered her CV to health and medical facilities while she was in Brisbane but did not get any interest from employers. Leslyn was worried and even considered turning her back on her Australian dream.


At the time when Leslyn’s stay in Australia was nearly reaching its third month, Leslyn’s IRON provider offered her to do an internship in Kaniva under an internship visa. Leslyn worked as an intern Practice Nurse when she lodged her Permanent Residency visa application. Within three months, Leslyn’s PR visa was granted.

She also worked at the hospital (an affiliate company of the Practice where she was working) on weekends. This hospital has an aged care facility also which led Leslyn acquiring knowledge and getting exposure in Aged Care while juggling her duties as a Practice and Hospital Nurse.

Meeting the love of her life

In Kaniva, one of Leslyn’s patients played cupid and introduced her to Gerald, who formerly worked as Pharmacist at the same facility. They initially had a long-distance relationship since Leslyn was in Kaniva and Gerald was in Warrnambool. They dated for a few years before they got married. 

Leslyn tried to get a job in Warrnambool in one of her visits to Gerald. She handed her CV to aged care facilities and hospitals in Warrnambool. Luckily, Leslyn got a call for interview within an hour of submitting her CV and on that same day was offered a job at an aged care facility. 

Leslyn still works in the same institution in Warrnambool as a Clinical Manager and now handles two of their company’s aged care facilities.

In the span of five years, she achieved personal and professional growth as well as spiritual growth (with strong influence from her husband with whom she shares the same faith).


Leslyn imparts three tips for people who want to call Australia their new home:

  • Keep the faith and trust in the Lord.
  • Get the right advice from the right people.
  • Be willing to adapt and be open.

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