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An enchanting evening with the Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne Coronation 2014

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The Mutya ng Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night was a definite glamorous and glittering evening. The event was held at the L’Amour Reception at Henry Street on 14 June 2014.

Aptly themed “The Goddess Ball,” some guests arrived in white diaphanous tunics complete with gold pendants and shining bracelets like Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of Love), Artemis (Moon goddess), Hera (Queen of heaven), and other ephemeral gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus.

Few males turned up resembling Greek gods like Bacchus (the god of wine) complete with golden laurel leaves crowning their heads. All the Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne Committee members were in their attractive and immaculate Greek goddesses costumes.

Kim Fyfe of Geelong was crowned Miss Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne 2014 together with Miss Pauline Edralin as First Runner-up Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne 2014 and Mutya Vicoola Fashionista 2014. Both title holders will compete with the other candidates in the Philippines Mutya ng Pilipinas Pageant at Solaire Resort Manila on 8 August 2014.

Other winners were: Miss Vanessa Klevenz ( Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne 2014, Fourth Runner-Up) ); Miss Sharina Timbayan (3rd Runner-up and Mutya Mega World 2014) and Miss Nickole Smirnov (2nd Runner-up and Mutya Magnificent Miss 2014).
Apart from the beauty titles, awards were given to Miss Vanessa Klevenz (Darling of the Press), Miss Nickole Smirnov (Miss Photogenic); Miss Sharina Timbayan (Miss Friendship); Miss Kim Fyfe (Most Guests, Best in Catwalk; Best in Long Gown, Best in Filipino National Costume and Best in Talent) and Miss Pauline Edralin (People’s Choice Award).

The five young candidates were not only judged in accordance with the originality and creativity of their long gowns and Filipino national costumes, but also on how they carried themselves with utmost elegance, beauty and charm. They were also asked to display their unique talents as well as their wit and intelligence by responding to the judges’ thought-provoking questions.

All titleholders received generous cash and wonderful in-kind prizes from the pageants’ donors and supporters.

According to Ms Choy Symes, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 Australia Chairperson, it took eight months to prepare the pageant.

“Meeting and working with such lovely and beautiful candidates was an unforgettable journey. My candidates have the chance to gain more confidence through exposures like photo shoots and runways. It is an experience that will be embedded in all the candidates’ memories forever. The efforts and creativity of all the candidates made the coronation night an unforgettable evening,” quipped the amiable Ms Symes.

Ms Symes would like to extend her sincere thanks and appreciation to the guests, Mutya ng Pilipinas Melbourne 2014 candidates, parents and relatives and to the invaluable support afforded to her by the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 Melbourne working committee: Mr Hector Calara (Press Coordinator) and pageant coordinators Ms Terry Kane, Haydee Crupi, Rose Crupi and Lehi Reyes.

An immense acknowledgement to the donors and supporters: Ms Jeanette Zamil, Emmanuel Ammo, Megaworld, Western Union, and Western Travel. The judges for the evening: Manny G. Asuncion, Andrew Aaron, Bryan Plazo (Mega World), Vicky Popovski, Olan Roque, Scott Nimmo, and Emmanuel Ammo.

“I wanted all the candidates to compete in the Philippines but unfortunately I was only given two spots from Australia. Next year will be bigger as I’m sending from Australia one representative from every state. Hopefully, I will find more candidates next year,” mused Ms Symes.

(Photos by Hector Calara)

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