Mr. and Miss Twenteen and Maturate Model of Victoria 2014 














Gina Mc Millan, Brian Caplan

Jopen Quinterro, Niki Leclair,Dra. Lory de Leon

judges Sindy Hobman, George Munro and Cyril Lubin

Maturate Model of Vic 2014 winner

Miss Twenteen Model Vic 2014 winner

Mr. Twenteen Model of Vic 2014 winner

By Divine Basa
Lively and energetic song/dance performance by the Victorian Secret Angels opened up the program. The ambiance was vibrant, and the crowd was just fantastic. It was an unforgettable and interesting culmination evening for all the 17 candidates and everyone involved in the running of the Mr. and Miss Twenteen and Maturate Model of Victoria Competition 2014. Another sell out year of the modeling competition event, and having said that, we are grateful for the all the people who joined us and supported our cause, and made this event possible, certainly, the culmination has been a great success.
The highlight of the night was the catwalk of the 17 candidates in three categories: the cocktail dress, evening gown, and national costume for the ladies. Casual wear, formal suit, and national costume for the gentlemen. All of them just looked divine and marvelous that night. Even the eight judges were so impressed how the candidates presented themselves and were mesmerised by their colourful and stylish outfit, not to mention the unique traditional costume of each candidate.
As much as we like all of them to win, it’s just impossible because only one will stand out and captive the judges’ eyes based on their stage presence, catwalk, and confidence. We have to respect the judges’ decision and accept it as final.

Mr.Twenteen Model of Victoria 2014                    Hayes dela Cruz
1st runner-up Mr. Twenteen of Victoria 2014           Dennis Quani
2nd runner-up Mr. Twenteen of Victoria 2014           Tejash Sharma
Miss Twenteen Model of Victoria 2014                  Michelle Tupek
1st runner-up Miss Twenteen Model of Victoria 2014    Caroline St. Louis
2nd runner-up Miss Twenteen Model of Victoria 2014    Geraldine Cruz
3rd runner-up Miss twenteen Model of Victoria 2014    Celine Glennon
Maturate Model of Victoria 2014                       Helena Thomson
1st runner-up Maturate Model of Victoria 2014         Ermie Brown
2nd runner-up Maturate Model of Victoria 2014         Alvena Anne Cook
Charity Winner                                        Georgina Westeinde
Special Awards Winners:
Best In Casual Wear Male                              Hayes dela Cruz
Best in Formal Suit Male                              Hayes dela Cruz
Best in National Costume                              Dennis Quani
Best in Cocktail Dress Twenteen                      Caroline St. Louis
Best in Evening Gown Twenteen                        Michelle Tupek
Best in National Costume Twenteen                    Caroline St. Louis
Best in Cocktail Dress Maturate                      Ermie Brown
Best in Evening Gown Maturate                        Helena Thomson
Best in National Costume Maturate                    Ermie Brown
The purpose of this year’s modeling competition event is to raise funds for the Emergency Relief Funds (ERFFP) to assist them in their project in the Philippines. We have donated to them part of the proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets which was $1,750. 

On behalf of the organizer, Diez Production (Melvin and Lalaine), and its committee, I would like to sincerely thank all the candidates, donors, sponsors, panel of judges, volunteers, guests, and everyone who have supported us along the way.
I also have to say that it is really inspiring that some of this years’ models have expressed their commitment to help in anyway possible for next year’s modeling competition. Their enthusiasm is contagious and we hope to incorporate their new ideas to keep this event going strong. Welcome on board! 


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