APCO supports Fil-Oz Liverpool at its 15th Santacruzan

APCO Santacruzan

APCO supports SantacruzanAPCO SantacruzanThe newly formed Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, called APCO attended the 15th Santacruzan held on the 30th may at All Saints Catholic Church Liverpool. The Fil-Oz Liverpool and Districts who organised the event is an affiliate of APCO along with the Visayan Association of Australia Inc who also lent their support and provided the personnel to assist in the meal distribution.

The event began with a Parade of the Ave Maria Angels and Queens in Filipiniana, which was a visual spectacular itself, and Mass celebrated Father Chris Higgins and Father Anthony Bernard, with Father Nards Mercene the Filipino Priest assisting, then culminating with a Procession around the grounds ending in the Parish Hall for the events programme. Dr Cen Amores, the President of APCO was a special guest along with the Mayor of Liverpool, Ms Wendy Waller, the Federal MP for Werriwa, Mr Chris Hayes and his wife Bernadette, Mr Paul Lynch, Local MP for Liverpool and also the parish Priest Father Bill Wright. APCO and its affiliates also attended to provide moral support to Fil-Oz.

The afternoon’s musical entertainment was supplied by the group, Cumbancheros, with many performers providing a pleasant afternoon of music and song. The event was attended by over 500 people a record number for this year’s 15th Santacruzan.

By Richard Ford APCO
Press Relations Officer


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