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Digital Life

How to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your business?

Image credit: Freepik.com We live in a world where social media is everywhere, and people use it daily for entertainment, learning, socialization, news consumption, and...

6 tips to share information using cloud storage secretly

Many people enjoy using Cloud Storage. The backup systems on cloud software, such as OneDrive or Google Docs, meaning you don’t have to worry...

How to keep your business safe online

Despite an increase in cybersecurity awareness, many businesses throughout Australia and the rest of the world are still under the increased threat of a...

A brief guide to link building and its importance

SEO and link building go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Link building plays an integral part in magnetising organic traffic...

Filipino-Australians join 3D cartoon trend

Filipino-Australians are joining the social media’s recent craze: posting 3D cartoon versions of themselves. Filipinos back home are likewise going gaga on the latest...

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