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Ati-Atihan Group of Melbourne set to enchant at the fist-ever Philippine Grand Fiesta

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Prepare to be captivated by the rhythmic drumbeats and vibrant colours of the Ati-Atihan as it takes centre stage at the upcoming Philippine Grand Fiesta on Sunday, 30 June 2024, at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne. Renowned for its lively celebrations and cultural richness, the Ati-Atihan performance promises to showcase new costumes that will dazzle and delight the audience.

This year, the Ati-Atihan Group Melbourne, led by Ed Guevarra, is bringing a spectacular array of new costumes all the way from the Philippines. Weighing approximately 200 kilograms, these costumes embody the intricate craftsmanship and artistic flair synonymous with Filipino culture. The meticulous attention to detail ensures each piece reflects the authentic spirit of the Ati-Atihan Festival, blending traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics to create a visually stunning experience.

The Ati-Atihan Festival traces its origins to the province of Aklan in the Philippines, where it began as a tribute to the Santo Niño (Child Jesus) amidst Spanish colonial influence in the 16th century. Over time, it has evolved into a grand celebration of faith, tradition and community spirit. Participants, adorned in elaborate costumes adorned with vibrant body paint and indigenous accessories, engage in rhythmic street dancing and chants of “Hala Bira!” and “Viva Señor Santo Niño!” This cultural extravaganza not only honours Filipino heritage but also fosters harmony and pride among participants and spectators alike.

From its humble beginnings in Aklan to its global influence, the Ati-Atihan Festival has transcended geographical boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide, including in Melbourne, Australia. The Ati-Atihan Group Melbourne has been instrumental in promoting Filipino culture since its inception in 1998. The group has elevated the festival’s presence in Melbourne through dynamic performances and cultural exchanges. Beyond its artistic performances, the Ati-Atihan Group Melbourne actively engages with the community, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Through workshops, educational events and collaborations with local institutions, they continue to enrich and celebrate Filipino identity while fostering inclusivity within the multicultural society of Australia.

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The Ati-Atihan Group Melbourne proudly presents its dedicated members, each contributing their passion and talent to uphold the festival’s cultural legacy: Ed Guevarra, Obeth Guevarra, Cora Urzabia, Ben Urzabia, Jaie Urzabia, Khristian Urzabia,Kayleb Urzabia,Vicky Torres, Albert Torres, Allan Baladjay, Aileen Baladjay,Jayson Aquino, Sherman Buca, Manny Valmeo, Jay Barlaan, Nelia Ciar, Al Ciar, Raul Ordona, May Ordona, Jess Bermundo, Teri Nichols, Amie Polbrat, Suzette Nadjek, Lourdes Tadena, Diana Lee, Juliet Godeloson, Fe Gillies, Juliet Orquia, Rey Isleta, Pat Aguilar, Annie Butler,Lynh Lam Kim,  Leonora Duque, Estelita Young,Jade Barlaan,Nida Robinson,Connie Zambran,Amparo Dausan,Prescilla Cunningham, Liezel Alluvida ,Christy Grengia and Nur Tan

The group’s commitment to authenticity and cultural preservation ensures a memorable experience that resonates with Filipino traditions and values. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights as we countdown to the exhilarating Ati-Atihan performance at the Philippine Grand Fiesta.

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