Australia celebrates Harmony Day 2017


Today is Harmony Day – Australia’s largest multicultural celebration.

Thousands of schools, workplaces, community centres and sporting clubs across the nation will celebrate Australia’s rich cultural diversity.

Harmony Day is Australia’s largest national multicultural event.

Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs, Senator Zed Seselja said Harmony Day is a great opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures and our respect for each other.

“Harmony Day is a wonderful, vibrant and colourful reminder that we are one of the most diverse and yet socially cohesive nations on earth.

“This is a day that helps us appreciate the enormous benefits of cultural diversity while understanding that first and foremost we are all Australians and we all belong.

“I would like to thank everyone, organising events this year and helping to spread the message that in Australia, everyone belongs.

“The messages of Harmony Day can be lived by each of us, every day, but it is great that we have set aside one day to highlight them and celebrate what we have achieved together,” said Seselja.

More than 3,500 events have been registered including food fairs, concerts, movie nights, talks, peace walks and festivals to display cultures and traditions from every corner of the globe.

Find out what’s happening in your community by visiting and search by location and postcode.

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