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Australian-Filipino Music Artist FFXRK brings the true definition to independent artistry

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FFXRK (pronounced and abbreviated as ‘Double Effects, Recognise Knowledge’) has grown in popularity worldwide with his performances and partnership with Cyrus Mil from BC Entertainment early 2019 and onwards; performing alongside Shanti Dope, Gloc 9, Ron Henley, Al James and many more.

From local producer to a song craftsman, born in the Philippines, the Australian/Filipino Melbourne-based music artist/singer ‘FFXRK’ musical influences were derived from his early taste of sounds from Punk/Rock artists such as Hale (Philippines) Kamikazee (Philippines), Blink-182, Sum-41 & A Day To Remember; with a mixture of his recent influences such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, 6LACK & XXXTENTACION. Consisting of a downtempo R&B/Soul style, hard melodic drops and mixed with a soulful finish; FFXRK’s unpredictability in song production is tomorrow’s sound.

His talent from musical production to videography, marketing, performing, graphic designing and artist management has put him in a position to run a business where he offers his service to many upcoming artists and small businesses who wish to brand themselves to the highest quality, sonically and visually. District Down Under was founded by FFXRK in 2018 as a promotional agency looking to shine the light on underground artists much like himself, but in 2019 when Cyrus Mil from BC Entertainment partnered up with DDU (District Down Under) – the vision was empowered.


BC Entertainment’s track record in bringing Filipino Artists a spotlight in Australia has been a game changing move in the music industry. After the sold out shows with Shanti Dope, Gloc 9, Ron Henley and Al James; BC Entertainment is now looking to make an impact with the newly branded JOWA Night and BARKADA Night to present Australian/Filipino acts and performers to the newly hyped and longing audience. FFXRK will be playing a big part in the branding, videography and performance in line with the acceleration of this movement.

FFXRK’s latest release ‘Wild’, out from March 18
‘Wild’ is inspired by FFXRK’s animalistic love life which highlights the intensity of his interactions with partners in the past. The meaning behind the lyrics emphasizes his focus on different physical stimuli that is triggered by the immense feeling of temptation between the artist and his counterpart. The Neo/Soul with the R&B finish it presents is written and produced by the artist himself as he is sonically inspired by artists such as Giveon, Daniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio in the making of this track.

FFXRK will be starting off the year with this new sound to reinvent his existing futuristic R&B sound meshed with organic sounding sonics.

‘Wild’ will be streaming on all platforms on March 18.

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