Australian immigration firm offers scholarship grant to Filipino nurses


Pacific Rim Technology (PRT) Corp. headed by Lita Mahle is offering an Scholarship grant to deserving Registered Filipino Nurse to do 12 week Refresher Course for Overseas Registered Nurses in Australia.

It is a fact that Registered Nurse remains in short supply in Australia due to the decline in the number of registered nurses working in the nursing profession.

A research conducted by The Australian Health Workforce Institute (AHWI) showed the average age of nurses in Australia had increased from 40 to 45, while the percentage of registered nurses over the age of 55 rose from 11 to 20 per cent between 1999 and 2005.

The trend was complicated by the fact that 14 per cent of the workforce retires every five years, with 90,000 nurses expected to retire between now and 2020, according to this research.

While the Australian government is trying to find solutions to address the problem; mean time, hospitals and nursing age care facilities have to find workforce from somewhere. Often times recruit Registered Nurses from overseas.It is not easy as overseas nurses have to satisfy the pre registration requirements of the Nursing Board in the state or territory of which the overseas Nurse would like to practice

The Nurse Board requires applicants prior to granting registration to pass the English language requirement (IELTS) and successfully complete the Board accredited competency program for overseas qualified nurses. This is especially required for Registered Nurses from non-commonwealth countries such as the Philippines, China, India and other non- English speaking countries.

For more than 15 years, Ms. Mahle, being an Registered Migration Agent has been assisting people from overseas to obtain visa to Australia. Nurses included, not only to obtain visa but also to facilitate Australian Nursing Registration requirement such as the English Language and enrolling into a Refresher course for overseas Registered Nurses. Lita Mahle stated that, “Refresher course can be very expensive to most people. It can range between Aus$10K to Aus$12K or more. She added , “I have been running an immigration business for many years and I can only say, that I have been blessed with the number of people I was able to help and make a new life in Australia.” “As a ‘thank you’ to my ‘mga kababayan’, for their continuing support, I have decided to offer this scholarship grant.”

To find out more on how to register for the Registered Nurse Scholarship Grant, contact PALMS International Migration Services, Inc at tels: 8134194, 8133971, 8938035 or email


  1. Talagang mahirap pumunta sa Australia kung walang papel.Kahit si Bill Gates kung mag-apply ng trabaho dito ,di matanggap dahil wala syang Australian Certificate. dito, may Cert 1,2,3,4 Diploma,Associate degree,Bachelor,grad cert,Masters,etc.If you dont have one of these, mahirap makahanap ng professional jobs kahit may Philippine Diploma o Degree. Swerte lang kung Employer sponsored pero mahirap pa rin kasi required na ang IELTS which means expenses for review and testing, kung mamalasin ay bagsak pa. Minsan may mga cases pa na meron ka na lahat ,sa medical naman sasabit.Wheeww! Pero kung makakalusot sa mga obstructions na ito, you will earn it and your dreams will come true.

  2. Yes.
    I am agree of this site………..
    Australia is a popular immigration destiny. Blessed with vast natural resources and low population, the Australian Government welcomes people from various parts of the earth to make Australia their home. There are several opportunities for immigrating to Australia.

  3. Yes in fact this is the best country in the world not only economically but look at her government.Any political figure running for PM ( such as Julia and Tony) has the same intention but to lift up the lives of their constituents. Do you see how these great persons mocked by some of their countrymen from the opposing parties during the recent election campaign? They were game not like in the Philippines where you cant just do something stupid to a Warlord Politician or youre get shot outright. Either Julia or Tony is deserving to be Prime Minister of their country.


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