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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Australian-made beds are helping lost animals

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still causing havoc around the world, a lot of businesses are moving their stores online. One of those businesses is called Billy’s Beds. Its main objective is for it to help with animals who have lost their homes or who do not have a home. One way they help is that a small percentage of their customers purchases goes to a charity called The Lost Dog’s Home.

A man called Rob Knight who is the boss and owner of Billy’s Beds has a great vision for helping animals. He says that there are far too many animals that unfortunately do not have a home and can inadvertently end up losing their life by the way of euthanasia. For animal lovers like me that hits home hard. Some of the time it is not even the animals’ fault. It could be because the owners do not want the animal anymore, or that they simply afford to keep the animal so that is why a business-like Billy’s Bed is a great initiative.

According to statistics, over 5,000 dogs had to be put down by the RSPCA last year, so if a business like Billy’s Beds can help out anyway they can to even save a couple of dogs lives, then it is all they can do. The charity called The Lost Dogs Home is a great opportunity for customers who purchase something from Billy’s Bed to be able to help save the lives of some dogs that do not have a home.

When a family member of Rob Knight lost his own rescue dog, he said that he wanted to have a business that can help animals that do not have a home and he took a chance with his business. Based in Melbourne Australia, Mr. Knight said that he felt that this organisation was the best place to help support, above all others. According to The Lost Dog’s Home, they deal with so many animals daily, it goes into the thousands which is incredible to see that many dogs or animals need help. 

The great part about that and a silver lining if you want to call it that, is that of those thousands of animals that need help, over 90% of them find a new home straight away, or are sent to a rescue centre in the hopes of getting a new home and even where brought back to their owners if they had been lost. When you look at those figures it is plain to see what such an incredible job that they are doing. Another great little perk too, is that all of the beds that they sell are named not by the actual product maker or manufacturer, but rather after the actual pets of their family members and friends which is a great personal touch if you ask me.

On top of all of this great work, comes probably one of the best things about Billy’s Beds is that they are Australian made. All the things they make are made locally and they get all of their types of fabric from a local town called Warwick. With the current economic climate, many businesses have overseas products and sell overseas so the everyday Australian misses out because all the proceeds go overseas and not to local businesses. Because they are all locally owned and operated that can cut costs of pretty much everything. From exporters to salespeople they are saving money in all the right places and this is reflected in the quality of their bed products.

Billy’s Beds has experienced huge growth of late as they are selling a huge number of products, partly because of the increased percentage of people that are now shopping online because of Covid-19, and that is helping the lives of animals through The Lost Dog’s Home. You can find your new mattress, bed heads and frames at Sleepify.

People are loving the initiative that Rob Knight and Billy’s Beds are doing as when they purchase their new mattress, they know that a small percentage of their money goes to helping animals find a new home. If you are an animal lover like me, that is a great reason to shop there.

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