SYDNEY, Feb. 8 (PNA/Xinhua) — Millennials in Australia have been revealed to be the unhappiest in the world, according to a global survey released by Deloitte on Wednesday.

The study explored the worldview of those surveyed, and found that millennials across the globe were increasingly anxious about their own future, in the wake of recent events, but were also optimistic they they could enact change.

Some 7,900 millennials from 30 countries across the globe were surveyed, with 300 surveyed being based in Australia.

In Australia, millennials were less happy about their work, and were far more likely to leave their employers within a two-year period, when compared to their global counterparts, with 58 percent saying that would be the case; compared to the world average of 38 percent.

Australia’s millennials, classified as those being born between 1982 to 1999, had a negative view of the future, with only 8 percent believing that they would be in a financially better position than their parents, and only 4 percent believed they would be happier.

But, the majority of the Australians surveyed, 53 percent, viewed the next generation, dubbed Generation Z or centennials’ which includes those who are 18 and younger, in a positive light, however, this was well below the averages in other developed, and developing countries.

Chief operating officer at Deloitte, David Hill, says a lot of the negativity emanating from millennials in Australia comes from the inability to enter into the property market, a market which their predecessors entered so easily in the past.

“You think of the great Australian dream, which to most Australian’s is to own your own home, and I think increasingly to young millennials in Sydney and Melbourne that is but a dream — it’s out of their reach,” Hill said.

“We live in a lucky country. The millennials are saying, will it be lucky for me?”.

The biggest concerns for millennials were terrorism at 30 percent, crime at 27 percent, and climate change at 26 percent.

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