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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Before it’s too late

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Based on the data obtained from a trend tracker website, it has been reported that the current life expectancy for Australians in 2020 is 83.5 years compared to the Philippines’ current life expectancy of 71.2 years. These are just numbers that have been compiled and tracked since 1950. There are complex factors that will affect the figures like genetics, socio-economic background, pre-existing medical conditions just to mention a few. Unlike library books, we don’t have a clear indication when the real date is due and there are no renewals.

In the past, I wrote an article that had the theme of “Live your life by not counting the days but by making the days count”. I expounded on the quote from boxing legend Muhammad Ali. If you think about it, 83.5 years is approximately 30,477 days, which is only a brief moment in time that is only 20 FIFA World Cups or 20 Olympic games. In the past, I have encouraged you to focus on your long-term goals and objectives.

In this article, I want to bring to your attention the expression of your true feelings towards your loved ones or the people close to you. I encourage you to say it, before it’s too late; whatever it may be. In the past, I sat in a funeral and I listened to the eulogy; the person delivered a wonderful and heartfelt story about their relative. The attendees sitting in the chapel including myself were moved by the wonderful memories painted with words and the speaker was thankful for being a part of their life. But no matter how well the eulogy was written and delivered with impact, it would have been nice if we could turn back the time for an opportunity to say it to that person before they passed. That was the feedback that the speaker told me after the funeral.

I encourage you to take the opportunity now, make that call and tell the people close to you how you feel. They need to hear it now, not when they are inside the coffin. This will make them happy and make them feel great. This expression of feelings will also do you a lot of good; it will deepen your relationship or open a door of opportunity to start the healing process.

When we lose someone special to us we grieve the loss. We remember the highlight reels and special moments. Grieving is personal and natural; there is no cookie cutter/ one-size fits all solution. The grieving process is like a pizza; it comes in different sizes, toppings and everyone has their own preference. Some will share a slice, and some will keep it all to themselves. Be patient. Just focus on the highlight reels.

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My intention for this article is to encourage you to reach out and be on the front foot in telling the people close to you how you feel with a sense of urgency. If you already have, I applaud you; and if not, I encourage you to extend the olive branch and grab a pizza. However, if in the past you made an unsuccessful attempt and were met with a non-reciprocity type of response; you think that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie and your status quo is all rainbows and bright skies; that is understandable, I respect that.

Until next time STAY FOCUSED!

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