It is definitely getting bigger. This year’s Le’ Oscars is the biggest so far with more than 600 guests who attended the 3rd Annual Red Carpet Charity Gala last 7 October at the La Mirage Oasis Grand Ballroom.

Philippine Honorary Consul to Victoria, Felix Pintado commended Le’ Oscars for spearheading the fundraising to help those in need in the Philippines. He also encouraged Filipinos to continue to demonstrate compassion and kindness towards fellow countrymen.

Ana Marie Rodriguez was crowned Ms Le’ Oscars Beauty Queen 2017, while Martina Yao
was named Ms Le’ Oscars 2017 Charity Queen. Suzette Vergara Nadjek won First Runner-up in the Le’ Oscars Beauty Queen 2017 and Second in the Ms Le’ Oscars 2017 Charity Queen.

Consul Felix Pintado at Le Oscars
Philippine Honorary Consul Felix Pintado

Belle Oxford was Second Runner-up in the Ms Le’ Oscars Beauty Queen 2017 and Renz Athiner Estrada was Third Runner-up Ms Le’ Oscars Beauty Queen 2017

In between dancing, dining and parade of beauties, Music and Friends Band provided live music. Two members of Pinoy hip-hop dance champion “FMD Xtreme Dance Crew” also provided dance numbers to the delight of younger people in the audience. The Sambasita Brazilian Dancers donning feathered samba regalia entertained the audience with their sexy steps.

“On behalf of Wil D’ Joya Entertainment and the Annual Red Carpet Charity Gala, we would like to thank the candidates, who are the real heroes of this charity event, the sponsors and all the supporters and various Filipino Associations, all your the supports resulted in a resounding success of this Charity Event,” said the event organiser, Willy De Joya of Wil de Joya Entertainment. His wife, Joy de Joya acts as Chairperson and Production Director.

Le’ Oscars Charity: Making a difference

A total of $20,271 was raised on the night for the six beneficiaries of the charity gala. Awardees of the funds are the following:

  • Children’s feeding program in Caloocan City – $3,000
  • Food packs distribution for poor families in Caloocan City – $3,000
  • Emergency Relief Fund Philippines – $2,500 + $500 donation
  • Bridge Builders Australia – $2500
  • Give Love on Christmas Day – $2,500 + $500 donation
  • Ms Charity Queen (Martina Yao) chosen project – $4,000

Total funds awarded to beneficiaries for this year is $18,500, with residual amount of $1,771.00 for Le’ Oscars’ revolving fund.

De Joya said that ticket sales is not part of the fundraising as explained during the first meeting at the Rendezvous Hotel in July 2017 with the candidates and organisers and Mr Charlie Yao as a guest. The funds raised for the charity are from cash sponsorship, cash donations, and proceeds from raffle tickets sales and auctions. Also to be deducted, he said, are operating expenses.

On how the charity component of Le’ Oscars works, Willy De Joya explains: “Le’ Oscars is under the auspices of Wil D’ Joya Entertainment, a private entity. It is the governing and managing agent of the Le’ Oscars. Le’ Oscars is holding its Annual Charity Red Carpet event and we choose the beneficiary whom we want to fund from the proceeds of the event. It is in Le’ Oscars discretion who we want to fund and how much we want to fund the beneficiary.”

De Joya’s charity projects will be held this December and will be graced by the Charity Queen, Tina Yao and the Beauty Queen, Ana Marie Rodriguez. Aside from the two scheduled projects, Le’ Oscars has additional projects lined up: Children’s school bags and supplies, basketball and recreational centre for youth, and painting of the chapel in Caloocan City.

Not without a hitch

Despite a successful night, the celebration did not end without negative complaints. Immediately after the events, comments have flooded the social media when candidates and supporters shared their disappointment, some posting encrypted messages.

First is the failure of the organiser to announce on the coronation night the final amount of money raised by each candidate. “Our guests and supporters are waiting for that moment. Some of our guests went home puzzled,” a candidate whose name does not want to be published told The Philippine Times. She said when she demanded explanation, she was in the end threatened with legal action. “It is a big learning curve to to be involved in such kind of event. When candidates pour their heart and soul for a good cause, only to be treated badly afterwards it is very disappointing and painful,” she said. Her other wish is that charity groups receive equal amounts.

Second is transparency. Candidates have requested the organiser to give them a complete list of money deposited and raised so they can counter check their list. Two candidates, for example have raised nearly $30,000 each. A donation of $3,000 to a designated charity group, the candidate said, is not enough considering the amounts they raised. “Bringing over 60 guests each plus raffles, sponsors and cash donations is something. It has raised many eyebrows why there’s so much secrecy and no transparency when it comes to money,” the complainant said noting once requested information are not given to candidates it would lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

Lastly is the choice of judges as a few are personal friends/kumare/kumpare of the candidates and organisers. Once the judges, she said, are related to the candidates or the organisers, there is already a conflict of interest and doubt sets in. Judges should come from outside the community who are not familiar with the candidates so judging can be done objectively.

Le Oscards dancing

Fundraising’s tight competition

De Joya said that the total value of the amounts raised from the fundraising was not announced on the night due to time constraints. The committee also wanted to present a precise and accurate report. After tabulating all proceeds, the following are the amounts of charity funds raised during the night by Martina Yao and Suzette Vergara Nadjek. The amounts raised by these two candidates are too close, with Yao leading by $124.

Because of the tight competition between the two candidates, De Joya has released to The Philippine Times the tabulated figures to put to rest, he said, “any innuendo and false beliefs and perceptions people may have”: (Note: One point earned is equivalent to one dollar)

1) Martina Yao- Cash funds raised- $ 14,850.00 break up as follows:

a. Raffle tickets proceeds- $2400.00
b. Proceeds from auction – $450.00
c. Sponsors – $12,000.00

Tickets Sales points – $15,200
Total for Martina Yao – $30,050

2) Suzette Vergara Nadjek- Funds raised break up as follows:

a. Sponsors – $2,000
b. Donations in cash –
– proceeds from dinner dance = $1,481
– proceeds from Teddy Bear = $1500
– proceeds Bibingka Cebuano = $ 570
– cash donations = $ 200
Total $3,751
c. Raffle Tickets – $4,000
Total funds raised in cash- $9,751
Ticket Sales points – $14,725

Sponsor in kind points – $1,000 (flower by Liz D’ Fleur c/o Lita Mahle)

Donation in kind points –
a. Liza decor in kind – 1,000 pts
b. TV prize in kind – 1,000 pts
c. Condo accommodation in kind 750 pts
d. Mazda service in kind 300 pts
e. Highway 54 dinner n kind 200 pts (not officially turned over to the organiser hence was not awarded)
f) Two travel bag in kinds 800 pts
g) Hamper 250 pts
h) Three bottles of wines 150 pts
Total $4450
Sub Total – $9751.00 – Cash fund
$14725.00 – Ticket sales points
$4450.00 – Donation in kind
$1000.00 – Sponsor in kinds

Grand Total for Suzette Vergara Nadjek – $29,926

Winning margin – $124 won by Martina Yao


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