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What to keep in mind while buying a child care centre?

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If you love educating and looking after children, a childcare centre might just be the best investment for you. This industry is not just about providing service. It involves a relationship between the business owner, parents, staff and children. 

Whether it is turnkey, freehold going concern, or passive investment, you may find important information about child care centres from brokers like childcare4sale.com.au. However, you need to consider certain things to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Laws and regulations

Owning a child care centre means you will have to follow all the regulations that come with it. Ensure proper teaching credentials for your staff and yourself. For you, having a degree is not compulsory, but a diploma qualification will help you understand the responsibilities of business ownership. 

You can also show your early experience of working in childhood settings. You should comply with national laws and rules, obtain business insurance and conduct a background check of all staff to ensure that everyone can legally be involved in childcare. Also, hire a reliable lawyer who can guide you every step of the way.

Financial position of childcare centre

Understanding your child care centre’s financial position is a crucial part of making the purchase. Consider having enough capital to invest in purchasing, creating or franchising a child care centre.

The care centre should have enough registrations to support the salaries of the staff. In addition, you need to pay the insurance coverage for both children and teachers and should cater to the daily expenses like cleaning and laundry services for the centre, classroom supplies, new educational games, toys and small electronics, repairing or replacing classroom furniture and more. 

Your services

Have you decided what services you wish to provide? You can offer preschool services that are not always full-time but can include two and three-day-a-week programs or kindergarten services. For example, working parents can drop their kids in the morning and pick them up while returning home after work. 

Many students attend full-day school but need a care centre after the school hours are over. There are childcare centres that cater to these students alone. They pick the students up from school and keep them occupied until their parents can pick them up on the way back home from work. 

Depending on the type of childcare centre you want to run will help you determine where you should be located and how much to charge. Having a solid idea about your abilities also gives you a competitive edge. 

The centre’s location

Your centre’s success depends on the population of the area. Make sure that there are working parents in the locality, and most importantly, that there are children who need care and cannot look after themselves. The area should also have enough housing complexes or upcoming projects to guarantee you enough candidates for your future revenue growth.


Are you aware of your competitors? It is always wise to know about your rivals – how many are there, how far is the closest centre from your location, what services do they offer? Gaining insight into what your rivals do gives you a better idea of what you should provide to compete.

With a little bit of research and consultation, you can own a child care centre and impart your care while nurturing a healthy relationship with everyone concerned. 

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