Charice Pempengco on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Charice Pempengco’s first visit to the United States. This is her guest appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, after Ellen invited Charice to the show about a month ago when Ellen featured Charice’s performance on YouTube from a Korean show called “Star King”. Charice sang “And I am Telling You” and “I Will Always Love YOu” on Ellen. – 9 min, 2 sec of my time well spent! – Go Charice!


  1. Wow she looks a lot younger than 15. She looks 10. But she was fantastic!!!!!!! She looks very sweet too. 🙂

  2. wow. PURE talent, rivals WH, Christina, MC. Hopefully she can make the transition to mainstream so we can continue to enjoy for decades to come.

  3. she is phenomenal………i am buying her cd!!!!! now that’s a natural born singer, a gift from GOD

  4. I don’t understand why she has changed the lyrics from ‘you’re the best friend i’ve ever known’ to ‘you’re the best MOM I’ve ever known’. It sounds ridiculous and completely changes the meaning of the song.

  5. @number1taystar uhh. but shes already famous haha. she doesnt need american idol

  6. WoW! Why am I just now finding out about Charice? She is amazing! I think if you put her on American Idol right now, she would win hands down!

  7. i got chills everytime i listen to her live SRSLY!!!! & i feel like crying man! she’s AmazinG!!!!!!

  8. Whats great about charice is that she can hit very high notes that singers cant hit.. Just like Jason Mraz

  9. a lot of singers are like that…lots of Brits, Aussies,etc… have such thick accents but when they sing you can understand them better. take Celine Dion for example, her French Canadian accent is so thick when she talks.

  10. All I can say is wow.. I Can’t believe she has that kind of talent for such a young age. No doubt she’ll surpass the current divas and set a new international record.

  11. I love her accent!!
    it doesn’t really sound filipino accent,but she is SO CUTE!
    = w =


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