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Couples for Christ 2023 Summit: Empowering Global Family and Community Leadership

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“Rise, pick-up your mat and go.” (Mark 2:10-11, NABRE)

“Be a Servant & Light to the Nation (Isaiah 49:6 NABRE)

CFC Brisbane recently played host to a transformative gathering of leaders from Couples for Christ (CFC), an international movement dedicated to the renewal and strengthening of families. The Couples for Christ Leaders’ Summit, held from 3-5 November 2023, at Watson Park Convention Centre provided a platform for reflection, fellowship, and strategic planning to empower families and communities around the world, particularly in Australia.

The highlight of the Summit unfolded as the National Council from various governing portfolios within Couples for Christ took centre stage to present their reports. These comprehensive summaries provided a panoramic view of the organization’s initiatives, challenges, and achievements across different regions, each contributing to the collective narrative of Couples for Christ’s impact in Australia.

The reports from the different governing National Council leaders emerged as the focal point of the Couples for Christ Leaders’ Summit, providing a comprehensive view of the organization’s endeavours. Beyond being a mere update, these reports were a testament to the commitment and passion of leaders across Australia, working tirelessly to fulfill Couples for Christ’s mission. As the summit continued, the collaborative spirit sparked by the National Council’s reports became a driving force, propelling the Community toward an even more impactful and united future.

Commencing on the last day of the Summit was the recital of the Rosary followed by a mass presided by His Grace Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane who reflected his homily on CFC’s theme for the year “Rise, Pick-up your Mat and Go.” (Mk 2:10-11 NABRE) as well as the theme for 2024 “Be a light and servant to all nations.” (Is 49:6 NABRE). Archbishop Mark said “CFC has brought great vitality to these shores, with all the gifts and energies of Filipino faith taking root in Australian soil. It’s in communities like these that we see the future of the Catholic Church in this country.”

A resounding and empowering talk by Bro Aldy Katigbak (Country Coordinator for Australia) followed after the morning tea break, focusing on the transformative roles of being a servant and a light to the nation, inspired by CFC’s theme for 2024. Katigbak’s insights provided leaders with a renewed sense of purpose, encouraging them to embody servant leadership principles and radiate positive influence in their respective areas.  His presentation was not just a series of words; it was a call to action, inviting leaders to embrace their roles as servants and catalysts for positive change.

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The final day of the Couples for Christ Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane saw an invaluable exchange of ideas and experiences as leaders gathered to discuss and share best practices. This dynamic session, where regions contributed their success stories and strategies, not only fostered cross-regional collaboration but also laid the groundwork for implementing effective practices across the entire Couple for Christ community.

The best practices exchange wasn’t just a presentation of achievements; it was a catalyst for interactive discussions and collaborative planning. Leaders engaged in discussions to explore ways in which these successful strategies could be adapted and implemented in their own regions, fostering a sense of collective ownership and shared responsibility.

CFC National Council with Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge.  PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable
CFC National Council with Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge. PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable
Couples for Christ Leaders   PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable
Couples for Christ Leaders PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable
CFC Melbourne   PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable
CFC Melbourne PHOTO: Kristoffer Afable

The collaborative planning sessions also provided an opportunity for leaders to identify potential challenges in implementing certain practices and collectively brainstorm solutions. This collaborative problem-solving approach showcased the strength of the Couples for Christ community in finding innovative solutions to common issues.

The Couples for Christ Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane concluded with a powerful exploration of best practices, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration. As leaders departed, they carried with them not only a renewed sense of inspiration but also practical strategies to enhance the impact of Couples for Christ’s mission in their regions. The best practices exchange was a testament to the organization’s adaptability and resilience, showcasing its ability to learn from and empower every corner of the global Couples for Christ family.

As leaders return to their respective areas, they carry with them a renewed sense of purpose and a strategic vision to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families around the world. The summit marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing journey of Couples for Christ, as it seeks to inspire and empower leaders through the principles of faith, love, and service.

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