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Crown Casino Implements Mandatory Gambling Limits in a Landmark Reform

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MELBOURNE–In a pioneering move to mitigate gambling harm, Crown Casino has introduced mandatory time and loss limits for all patrons using gaming machines. This initiative, an Australian first, is part of the state’s comprehensive YourPlay system.

Melissa Horne, the Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, heralded this significant development, stating, “We are delivering nation-leading reforms to protect the most vulnerable from gambling harm and putting the power back into the hands of patrons.”

Effective immediately, anyone playing on gaming machines at the casino must use YourPlay to set limits on both time and money. Reaching these limits will prohibit further gaming machine use for either 24 hours or seven days, based on the player’s preference.

These measures build upon existing regulations, including mandatory 15-minute breaks after three continuous hours of gambling and a compulsory day’s break following 12 hours of gambling within a 24-hour period. Additionally, patrons are limited to a total of 36 gambling hours per week.

In an effort to combat money laundering, Crown Casino will now require identity verification for patrons when signing up for a card, which will be linked to their YourPlay account. This system offers real-time updates and detailed activity statements at gaming machines, aiding users in monitoring their gambling habits and seeking help when needed.

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To further prevent money laundering, cash winnings have been capped. Winnings above $1,000 can only be collected via electronic transfer or cheque, necessitating identification.

Looking ahead, mandatory carded play will extend to all table games by December 2025. These comprehensive changes align with the government’s landmark gambling reforms and fulfil key recommendations from the Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence.

Minister Horne emphasized the government’s commitment to thwarting criminal activities, stating, “Those who think they can get away with criminal activity like money laundering are wrong – these changes are about tracking, stopping and prosecuting this illegal activity.”

These reforms mark a significant step in Victoria’s ongoing efforts to address gambling harm, promoting safer gambling practices and ensuring better support for individuals at risk.

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