What does it mean to be a daddy’s girl? 

Being a daddy’s girl could be someone who forms a stronger bond with her father than her mother. There are some positive connotations of being a daddy’s girl. According to the work of child development expert Norma Radin, a woman raised with a highly involved father is more likely to be a warm-hearted mature person with high self-esteem.

There are some drawbacks to being a daddy’s girl. A father who lets her daughter get everything will often lead to a spoiled daughter who later in life might be egoistical and a consummate showoff. The daughter will also be an obsessive person boasting all her achievements. She might also struggle in maintaining a stable relationship with the opposite sex as she will always look for the qualities of a person like her father.

So when does a daughter becomes a daddy’s girl? A firstborn daughter will usually be a daddy’s girl. An only girl with siblings of all brothers will be the apple of the eye of the father. A single father who raised his daughter because of divorce, family relationship breakdown or an early demise of the mother will be daddy’s only girl.

A daddy’s girl will see her father as a hero and the father will treat her as a princess but with respect and discipline. The father’s opinion will play a major role and can influence his daughter’s decisions at times. The influence of her dad’s thoughts, ways and perspectives, will make her  understand and be able to handle the male brain efficiently

Being the firstborn daughter I can proudly say I am a daddy’s girl. Even as a child I had a stronger bond with my father than my mother. I was the apple of my father’s eye, always got what I wanted and could do no wrong. It was my dream to study medicine but due to financial constraints to pursue this course, my second choice was to be a lawyer. However,  my father encouraged me to take up a course in B.S. Chemical Engineering instead. He wanted to have an engineer in our family, a decision I never regretted.

When my husband and children came to Australia, I found it easy to practice my profession and worked as a qualified Industrial Chemist in one of the oil industries in Australia. Thanks, Dad for helping me shape my future.

Every time we celebrate Father’s Day in  Australia, I always remember my dad and feel saddened that I was not able to bring my parents here to enjoy this beautiful country. 

My dad had a heart of gold and he was the most generous person I have ever known. My father would help families, friends and especially those needing the most without any second thought. Sad but true that there were some people who took advantage of his generosity.  

I always think about this phrase he used to say: ”What matters most is being able to help people in need without expecting anything in return.” This resonated with me that I try to follow. I hope that my father is smiling in heaven, happy and proud of his girl. Daddy’s girl.    

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers around the world.

Excerpt from my book My Passion, My Calling

Through the eyes of the children
Their parents are their role models and heroes
Therefore it is the responsibility 
Of every parent to set high standard
To be able to produce
Future responsible adults.

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LORNA RAMIREZ was born, raised and educated in Manila in the Philippines, attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a laboratory manager in a textiles company. In 1977, with her husband and her son and daughter she migrated to Australia. She worked as a laboratory technician and a chemist in Australia, only retiring in the year 2000 to care for her first grandchild. Lorna Ramirez has travelled extensively, gaining much from her interactions with people all over the world and building a strong foundation for her philosophies about life. She loves gardening, cooking, and reading and playing the piano. She is also interested in the Stock Exchange. Throughout her life, Lorna Ramirez, a woman of faith, has been a wise observer of human behaviour and has collected her many pearls of wisdom and observations to produce this inspiring and uplifting book.


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