So many things in our lives can happen without logical explanations. For sure, atheist and non-believers will always have their doubts. They will have technical explanations then hide their frustrations once they run out of reasons. “ A blip or glitch of the system” will be used as their explanation. They refused to accept that miracles do exist. I do believe in miracles and divine intervention.

I am no stranger to this kind of phenomenon, and will gladly share my eerie experience last New Year’s Eve in 2017. My landline was not working for the last three months. I can call but we couldn’t receive incoming calls. We were about to leave at 5.30 pm going to the city and the phone rang. At long last, the phone was working again. It was a call from a friend inviting us to celebrate and welcome the coming year at their house. I told her to hang up and call again. This time it did not work. Requested a few friends to call us but with negative results.

We visited our loved ones in the city, spent precious time bonding with them then we left around 10.30 pm to go to my friend’s house to welcome the new year full of hope. We enjoyed the party so much that it was already 2.30 am when we decided to go home. As we opened the door, the house was fully lighted, ransacked and left like a war zone. The robbers entered through the back door of the laundry room and a bolo Machete from the laundry was taken. Valuables, computers, designer bags etc were taken. Material things can be replaced, and it was a blessing we were not hurt.

Both of us were traumatised by the incident. We were lucky we were not at home when the home invasion happened. Just one phone call from a defective phone saved our lives. My new phone provider could not give any technical explanation why I was able to receive an incoming call that afternoon. He said, “probably a glitch in the system”.

I do not think so. I personally think this is one good example of a divine intervention. I was given again the third chance at life. My second chance was fully discussed in detail in my second book “My Passion My Calling”. Being angry with them will not change what had happened. I feel sorry for their lost souls and I pray they may find the right path to follow.

Because of this incident, it gave me an unequivocal assurance of strength, confidence to follow “HIS” calling; that is; to continue and fulfill my mission of promoting love, peace, and compassion through my books and written articles and I will continue doing this with the best that I can offer.

An excerpt from my book My Passion My Calling

Once we had gone through trials and tribulations
The more we appreciate the real essence
Of what life is all about.
It is not just living our lives
But it is all about how we live
Our lives on earth.

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Lorna Ramirez
Lorna Ramirez was born, raised and educated in Manila in the Philippines, attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a laboratory manager in a textiles company.In 1977, with her husband and her son and daughter she migrated to Australia. She worked as a laboratory technician and a chemist in Australia, only retiring in the year 2000 to care for her first grandchild. Lorna Ramirez has traveled extensively, gaining much from her interactions with people all over the world and building a strong foundation for her philosophies about life.She loves gardening, cooking, and reading and playing the piano. She is also interested in the Stock Exchange.Throughout her life, Lorna Ramirez, a woman of faith, has been a wise observer of human behaviour and has collected her many pearls of wisdom and observations to produce this inspiring and uplifting book.


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