Dolloso to star in new feature film

Felino Dolloso in SURVIVE OR DIE​
Felino Dolloso in SURVIVE OR DIE​

Filipino-Australian actor Felino Dolloso recently announced that he will start working on a new feature film, this time with a Filipino-Australian director Matthew Victor Pastor. Matthew is based in Melbourne.

Felino plays the lead role in Survive or Die, official trailer of which was released on 4 April. The movie has been submitted to international film festivals. Produced by Scrim Entertainment, the film is directed by Daniel Okoduwa and Michael Kang. Felino has also received good reviews for his performances, whether on film or stage. One of which says,

“Dolloso is an old school badass, an actor drawn to characters with emotional complexities of being trapped on the darker side of the scale.”

Watch the trailer for Survive or Die

Matthew has also received positive comments about his work. In one review, it was stated, “Pastor’s stories are raw, brutal and honest. As a product of writing the truth, his characters are given grit. His films are brave and challenge status quo.”

Both Felino and Matthew are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, specialising in acting and film, respectively. They are regarded highly for their passion for telling stories of the Filipino diaspora.


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