Pinoy-born Australian actor FELINO DOLLOSO is scheduled to start a new feature film with Writer/Director Dicky Tanuwidjaya (Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man).

This will be the third feature film with Dolloso and Tanuwidjaya have worked on.

This time around, it will be a Drama genre about Redemption.

Survive or Die wins

Meanwhile, another feature film SURVIVE OR DIE with Dolloso playing one of the lead roles, directed by Daniel Okoduwa and Mike Kang have been busily screening in film festivals around the world.

The latest screening was in the 2019 Universe Multicultural Film Festival in California, USA where it won the BEST FEATURE FILM award.

Survive or Die Poster.jpg

TV series

Dolloso has also been busy doing TV work, he has finished filming roles in a couple of television series.

One of the TV series is a production for Foxtel and Sky UK, with major production investment from Foxtel and Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation.

The other Television series is by Disney’s ABC network USA.

On stage as Cabesang Tales

In theatre/stage news, Dolloso played the lead role of Cabesang Tales in the Stage Production late last year 2018. Produced by the Knights of Rizal Sydney Chapter.

The production was well received with members of the Knights of Rizal from different parts of the world attending and watching the performance.

cabesang tales 2018 FD and DP.jpg
Felino Dolloso as Cabesang Tales and Danny Peralta as his father.

In Heaven They Sing Karaoke

The other feature film that is currently in post-production is the what excites Dolloso, IN HEAVEN THEY SING KARAOKE.

Based on the stage play written by Felino Dolloso, feature film script version written by Matthew Victor Pastor with Pastor directing it as well.

The film is scheduled for screening release in 2020.

Felino has received good reviews for his performances, whether on film or stage. One of which says, “Dolloso is an old school badass, an actor drawn to characters with emotional complexities of being trapped on the darker side of the scale.”

Matthew has also received positive comments about his work. In one review, it was stated, “Pastor’s stories are raw, brutal and honest. As a product of writing the truth, his characters are given grit. His films are brave and challenge the status quo.”

Both Felino and Matthew are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, specialising in acting and film, respectively. They are regarded highly for their passion for telling stories of the Filipino diaspora.

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