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Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park releases tiered pricing for their beautiful crypts

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Considering one’s memorialisation options is not always high on the agenda, nor is thinking about how we might go into the ground after we pass, whether it be buried, cremated or scattered. So maybe it’s time to think of this on a different level.

Above ground burial options inside beautifully crafted marble crypts are often believed to be expensive, relevant only for certain cultures or religions, or even just for the rich and famous, such as Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Judy Garland.

But apart from being closer to the clouds, or the stars, there are many reasons to consider a crypt as a final resting place. 

Keeping families or couples together, choosing an elegant individual space and having a special and serene place to visit a loved one are just some of the benefits of purchasing a crypt.

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park has a range of beautifully crafted crypts that signify a treasured life to pay tribute to eternal relationships. Our elegant crypts are located in and around the Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum, a truly stunning and special place for family and friends to reflect and remember their loved ones.

Featured are indoor and outdoor crypts, two family vaults and granite niches to hold the ashes of loved ones, so no matter what your memorialisation choice is, family can remain together. 

Each crypt offers a simple and beautiful way to honour a life. The crypt furniture is made of cast bronze and glass, with photo frames, crucifixes and vigil flames and integrated flower vases.

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park are pleased to announce new tiered pricing for our beautiful crypts. “This new pricing now provides more options for families when selecting a crypt to honour their family’s legacy,” says Jennifer Potter, Director Marketing & Growth for Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries / Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. “Having pricing options when considering a beautiful memorialisation position can certainly ease some of the angst for what can often be an emotional purchasing decision. We hope that by talking to individuals and families about ‘choice’ it will allow them to follow through with their intended wishes, or perhaps introduce them to new options that may have seemed out of reach”.To book an appointment with our compassionate Customer Support team at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, visit smcnsw.org.au, call (02) 9661 5655 or email esmp.enquiries@smcnsw.org.au.

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