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Espina shares how real estate businesses are adapting during COVID-19 pandemic

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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has truly altered the way the world works. Dubbed the “new normal,” if affects not only how society functions at both the micro and macro level, but also the way commercial enterprises handle business, in general. 

Australia, being amongst the countries hit by the ongoing crisis, is no exception to the event. This is indeed especially true in areas where lockdown is imposed, which meant that not many people are able to get out as much as they used to.

Where businesses, in general, are mostly about people having face-to-face contact with each other bargaining over a deal, real estate is one of those facets of enterprise that many would assume to be the worst affected by the situation.

But Bernadette Espina of Profine Property in Melbourne, however, claims that there is not that much of a disparity—at least, from the outset—between before and during the pandemic.

According to Bernadette, the only difference she noticed is the fact that interested buyers are not as able to visit the site for the property as in the past.

The idea comes from a real estate broker who mostly conducts her business at the comforts of her abode. But, at the same time, requiring occasional meet-ups with clients in order to showcase actual properties.

The former is especially highlighted during the pandemic as the latter became completely optional due to the imperatives of the situation. However, in lieu of meeting potential buyers vis-à-vis, Bernadette says that technology plays an exceeding role. 

Thanks to modern technology, Bernadette still manages to keep in touch with probable clients, which is a critical part of the business especially in building rapport and professional relationships, by means of a phone call or online meeting via Zoom.

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The experienced real estate broker is not alone in her endeavour, however. Acting as an aide to the business is her son, Wyngard, who plays the role of an Agent representative and assists in the sales of the property.

Although many would anticipate that the real estate business would be at an all-time low during the crisis, for Bernadette and the company she represents, that might not be the case. 

In fact, Wyngard has been busily pre-occupying himself with tons of paperwork, networking, and maintaining the level of performance to his company throughout the trying times of the situation.

Aside from Wyngard who has proven himself a stalwart aide, Bernadette also thanks her valuable friends who play a pivotal role in some of the sales.

While the trade might portray itself as “immune” to the pandemic, the Profine Property staff, however, recognises the challenges that the crisis brought with it, especially in relation to her practice. 

Put in the perspective of how traditional real estate business works as an element of a greater mechanics at play, though, Bernadette claims that there are things that the business did not foresee prior to the event. 

Bernadette points to how banks have chosen to tighten their belt when it comes to loans, how the system for developers and builders would change for each client, and how potential buyers perceive the world in light of the spreading of disease as propagated by the media.

Consequently, these alterations come with their collective ramification, that is, that selling property is harder during the pandemic than in a normal situation. The issue, as any would surmise, boils down to potential clients’ inclination to think twice before making the final decision to make a purchase.

For Bernadette, it’s still a standard business in the real estate space—only a little harder. Ultimately, she takes credit for her unwavering dedication to the business for why the company endures amidst the uncertainty of the still ongoing phenomenon.

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