Every correct vote will help shape Victoria


Saturday, 27 November is election day and the Victorian Electoral Commission is urging Victorians to make sure they vote correctly.

Electoral Commissioner, Steve Tully, said: “It’s important that everyone has their say in the election but if voters do not complete their ballot papers correctly, their votes will not be counted. Ticks and crosses are not valid marks. It is vital that voters number boxes for their votes to be counted.”

For the Lower House, voters need to place a ‘1’ in the box against their preferred candidate and then number all the remaining boxes in the order of their preference.

For the Upper House, voters can either vote ‘above the line’ or ‘below the line’. To vote ‘above the line’ voters place a ‘1’ in the box above the line for a party or group. The voter’s preferences will then be distributed according to the wishes of the party or the Group Voting Ticket. Group Voting Tickets can be viewed on the VEC’s website 131VEC.com.au from Monday, 15 November or at the voting centre.

By choosing to vote ‘below the line’ the voter’s preferences are distributed as the voter indicates. Voters need to number at least five boxes below the line for their vote to count.

Voting centres open at 8am on Saturday, 27 November and close at 6pm sharp.

Voting instructions will be printed on the back of voting screens in 20 languages including English and election officials can assist voters who may need help.

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