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Monday, March 8, 2021

Execom election marred by walk out, resignation

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By Alice Gregorio-Nicolas

The election of officers of the Fiesta Management Committee last 29 April 2012 was postponed when two of its members, Roy Carbungco and Remy Raquel, walked out and signified their intention to resign due to the disqualification of one candidate, Ed Guevarra.

Guevarra’s Certificate of Candidacy was refused as it was already one day late of the seven-day requirement before election day.

On the same day, the Executive Committee forwarded a handwritten notice, signed by 14 officers, to Roy and Remy notifying them to explain their walkout and resignation during the election. They were given until 4 May 2012 to respond.

Carbungco’s response
Carbungco replied via email on 1 May 2012 explaining their actions. “I replied already and now they haven’t replied back. So we are still unofficially resigned because they haven’t responded,” he told The Philippine Times. He said they will eventually resign anyway, “I can no longer tolerate that kind of attitude. Why do they always use the Constitution? Fely Roxas’ application was four days short of the required seven days.” Roxas’ candidacy form was dated 29 March and the election was set on 1 April.

In the same email, Carbungco noted his disappointment, “I do believe the disqualification of Ed Guevara is a big blow to Fiesta and the Filipino community, it will discourage other people from volunteering because we only know them whenever we can use them. The lack of interest of people is obvious during the last meetings and the last no-contest election.”

He then recommended four things: 1) The Execom to send a letter of apology to Ed Guevarra; 2) call for a new clean and honest election; 3) expedite the long overdue amendments to the Constitution; and 4) include in the Constitution the Direct Voting by Members in electing the Executive Committee and limit the term of Chairman to give chance to others.

Chairman’s response
Ross Manuel told The Philippine Times, that Carbungco and Raquel verbally resigned and walked out on 29 April as a sign of disagreement to Ed Guevarra’s candidacy case. He explains, “Ed Guevarra’s disqualification is due to not meeting the criteria under the Constitution. We lodged his case to the Independent Electoral Officer overseeing our Election Process and he was disqualified and his candidancy found invalid. Both Roy and Remy participated in the oath taking of newly-elected directors of the organisations.” Manuel did not give further explanations.

As far as the Committee is concerned, the disqualification of Ed Guevarra was already settled hence should not be brought up again by Carbungco in the election of officers last 29 April 2012.

On 5 May 2012, the election of officers was finally held with Manuel elected as Chairperson.

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