FCCVI election this Sunday: Luetic says, yes it’s on; Sosa says, no it’s postponed

Jing Sosa and Perla Luetic - Who really heads the FCCVI?
Jing Sosa and Perla Luetic – Who really heads the FCCVI? (Philtimes photo)

post perla's election messageThe plot thickens as the Filipino Community Council of Victoria’s (FCCVI) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of 2015-17 Executive Officers are drawing nearer. Two days more and it is still uncertain whether it will push through or not. Even the most complicated question of who is really the official Chairperson of the FCCVI is puzzling the Filipino community.

Two letters are floating around, both addressed to the FCCVI organisations. One is a letter released by Perla Luetic, FCCVI Chairperson, addressed to all FCCVI officers, member organisations and staff confirming that the AGM will push through as planned this Sunday, 15 November 2015. Every day, people are bombarded with misinformation and propaganda to discredit the current duly elected Leadership either by email, text messages and personal visitations as far as country Victoria. Not only has there been a massive propaganda campaign among the Member Organizations, but there had also been attempts to talk to Westpac Bank, Employsure and Fair Work Commission and the funding bodies. All these have achieved, is division within the community, create havoc and embarrass the whole Filipino Community before government bodies and the general public,” Luetic said.

post page 1 Jing_Vote for Adjournment-page-0
post page 2 Jing_Vote for Adjournment-page-0

Meanwhile the other is a letter signed by Jing Sosa, who is the appointed Interim Chairperson of FCCVI, dated 11 November and addressed to 32 financial members. “I, as the Interim Chairperson of FCCVI have to call for a vote to adjourn the AGM/Election for clarity and transparency in membership and election procedures,” he writes. The letter is asking all members to text to Mr Alawi Mustapha if they agree or not to postpone the election. The Committee of Management, the letter says, will abide by the majority votes of members (50% plus one).

The Philippine Times is reproducing both letters. The Filipino community is reminded to be vigilant, ask questions, look for proof or documents and be aware of the root causes of the issues.

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  1. Its rather confusing who would we believe in? It appears to be like an internal dispute. So, The only way to move forward is for an unbiased member to analyze the circumstances and apply the rules of the association incorporation reform act. and the constitution to decide the current status and officers of FCCVI and document the findings. This report can then be forwarded to CAV for the ruling. This is a good practice round for members who would like a career in the Australian parliament in Canberra.


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