Perla Luetic gets fresh mandate as FCCVI Chairperson


Perla Luetic was re-elected as Chairperson of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria, while Marisa Vedar was named as the new Executive Director of the Philippine Australia Foundation Inc. (PAFI) last 15 November 2015 at the FCCVI Multi-Purpose Centre.

Philippine Honorary Consul to Victoria Felix Pintado formally inducted the new officers to office. Tom Rose, Senior Employment Relations Consultant of Employsure, was also present the whole session. Employsure is the human resources consultant recommended by Fair Work Australia.

The new set of officers for FCCVI are: Chairperson- Perla Luetic; Vice Chairperson- Luisa Rivo; Secretary- Marithes Dumapias; Assistant Secretary- Ruth Roa; Treasurer- Orly Victuelles; Assistant Treasurer- Clem Conag; Internal Auditor- Cecile Wheare; PRO- Willie O’bien, and Assistant PRO- Vincent Jimenez.

Meanwhile, the new officers of PAFi are: Executive Director- Marisa Vedar; Secretary- Gloria Moscosa; Assistant Secretary- Fred Jover; Assistant Treasurer- Susan Rodriguez. The new Board of Directors are: Fe Galindo, Edith Feliciano, Julie Uy, John Gillespie, Dimple Salvador, Vilma Egan, Shiony Maher, Eduardo Datario, Elba Synott and Shirly Hart.

In her Chairperson’s report, Luetic narrated the events that led to the current crisis testing her leadership and governance. The sacking of the Centre Manager, she said, have many bases which the Executive Committee could not divulge to the public that time due to confidentiality clause they signed with Employsure. “What happened to FCCVI after the sacking of the Centre Manager was unimaginable. A group has used my silence on the issue of Centere Manager’s sacking to wage a campaign to reinstate her, abandoning democratic processes, although using it as the reason for their illegitimate moves. They spoke to member organisations one by one, telling lies and continuously pointing out that I am not for my roles as Chairperson. They used my silence to tell them I am incompetent,” she said, adding that integrity is still the most desirable trait for an FCCVI Chairperson.

Call for adjournment of AGM and election of officers

Jing Sosa, who now calls himself Interim FCCVI Chairperson, has sent a letter to 32 FCCVI financial members and the Committee of Management to adjourn the FCCVI Annual General Assemble and election of officers.

A lawyer acting on behalf of Sosa’s group wrote to FCCVI to postpone the AGM due to several reasons some of which are: failure to provide the Register of Members for review, failure to convene a meeting to discuss the conduct of the FCCVI Chairperson leading to the “wrongful termination of the Centre Manager”, and failure to convene a meeting to discuss the 2015 AGM’s nomination, voting and election process of officers.

The letter said that should the Committee of Management not postpone the election, any resolutions reached would have no effect.

The FCCVI property is currently on a 24-hour security monitoring after an attempt to change the locks was discovered.

Jing Sosa and his group did not show up at the AGM.

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