The Filipino Community Council of Victoria (FCCVI) is once again experiencing a management crisis, the worst in its 31 years of operation.

The non-political, non-stock, non-profit group has an in-fighting since last year and it has now escalated to confusing and complicated situations:

  • there are two Presidents (Marithes Dumapias and Marlon De Leon);
  • there are two invitations for the FCCVI annual Independence Day celebration this June;
  • there are two online petitions (petition supporting Marithes’ group and petition in support of Marlon’s group) questioning the legitimacy of each group;
  • there are two addresses on the FCCVI letterhead (Droop Street c/o Marlon and Cowper Street c/o Marithes); and
  • there are two elections (Group of Marithes to hold election of officers on 31 March 2019, while Marlon’s group held the election last 10 March).

Current FCCVI Officers – Marlon’s Group

PresidentMarlon de Leon
Vice-PresidentLouie Sarte
SecretaryGloria Moscosa
Assistant SecretaryEvelyn McKernan
TreasurerEsperanza Galindo
Assistant TreasurerOrlando Victuelles
P.R.O.Benedict Alvarez
Assistant P.R.O.Mark Gideon Fernandez
AuditorJoey Santos

Current FCCVI Officers – Marithes’s Group

PresidentMarithes Dumapias
SecretaryFred Jover
TreasurerNida Schofield
P.R.O.Vincent Jimenez
Assistant P.R.O.Tessa Santos
AuditorJosie Young

And not surprisingly the officers of each group and their respective supporters and members are berating each other on social media, in meetings and even in emails.

Now that the crisis is getting out of hand the community wants to know:

  1. Which group is the legitimate one?
  2. Who holds the current bank account? Why did Westpac close the previous bank account?
  3. Who holds the key of the FCCVI office?
  4. Are the services of FCCVI still ongoing like the program for the elderlies?
  5. When will the two groups sit down and sort out the FCCVI crisis?

If this crisis continues, the FCCVI funding from the Australian government might be affected. Annually, FCCVI receives nearly $1 million from the Australian government. Is it the hunger for power, money or the divisive nature of Filipinos that keeps ripping FCCVI apart? 

When will we see the end of this drama and witness a more functioning FCCVI with lesser drama?

Any suggestion on how the Filipino-Australian community can assist both groups in solving the FCCVI problems?

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  1. FCCVI is always divided, not anymore surprised of what’s going on. The hunger for power and financial gains are always the priorities not how services can be provided to the Filipino community especially the elderlies. It’s sad to see all those initiatives that were set-up by previous officials, members and volunteers years ago are either gone or mismanaged.
    Let’s unite once again to solve the issues and hold another elections.

  2. Simple solution – tell the Australian government to immediately stop the funding until both groups become one. Only then, after verification, should the funding resume and without back pay.

  3. Kung mga kristiano talaga kayo,ito ang dapat makita sa inyo…
    You must read these:
    1John 4:7-8
    John 17:10-11

  4. Is there no way for them to do a collaboration? An election could also be a good idea. I would like to vote for one that genuinly gives back to the community and help promote all things Filipino Without too much focus on their own power and financial gains.

  5. This is a shameful situation, no wonder, us, Filipino youth are disregarding our own community because of this internal conflicts.

  6. wawa naman tayo. pati dyan sa australia away pa rin. cooler heads should prevail. for the sake of our elderlies there.

  7. Wow 1Million…. I didn’t even received anything..not even a free lugaw for nearly 30 years here! If this to proceed..would my lugaw be upgraded to wagyu steak..but which group would have the lugaw or the wagyu steak?..I’m just disappointed that the tax money that comes from my hard work were given..just like that?

  8. I’m amazed to read that the government funding to the FCCV is up to $1M, so it’s no wonder there’s a struggle for control for such a gravy train. If all parties are indeed truly concerned about the welfare of the members of the Filipino community then the current officers, from both groups, should not have a problem calling for another election. The election should be held at a date that would give the various member organisations of the FCCV enough notice to get to know the candidates. The candidates for their part should try and re-establish trust with the voters. Most importantly, everyone should stop the bickering especially on social media. Remember, your actions reflect on the rest of us Filipinos and they’re not very flattering!


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