FCCVI to lift ban on 15 members on election day


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Perla Luetic, Chairperson of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria Inc (FCCVI), said that the Committee of Management (COM) will lift its ban on 15 FCCVI members so they can participate in the FCCVI Annual General Meeting and elections this Sunday, 15 November 2015.

“We had to impose the ban because we have to protect the FCCVI files. We had a bad experience as to changing the FCCVI keys and locks. We are accountable to the government and we are subject to audit. This Sunday, these banned members will be allowed to enter the FCCVI premises,” Luetic told the media, The Philippine Times and 3zzz Hoy Pinoy Radio station, this Monday, 9 November.

In a memorandum last 2 November, 15 FCCVI members were banned to enter the FCCVI premises. The memo was addressed to all FCCVI staff and security and order enforcer. The affected members were: Norma Serrano, Rocky Serrano, Leoncio Sosa, Flora Basilio, Rolly Ferrer, Lorna Ferrer, Brigit Zubiri, Rolly Zubiri, Stuart Innes, Adrian Prophet, Manny Asuncion, Janet Ranada, Mario Ranada, Al Mustapha and Dory Mustapha.

Meanwhile, the said members have cried foul over the decision to ban them. They have yet to issue a statement on this.

The COM, Luetic noted, is prepared to take drastic actions for any untoward incident should people disrupt the operations and compromise the sensitive FCCVI files.

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  1. I hope they elect the right people to lead FCCVI. They don’t need to be a doctorate of education or a graduate with academic excellence. People who can lead according to the rules and assist other clubs. Enough of political games.


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