By Lorna Ramirez

In 1986, a group of Victorian seniors met together, bringing food, sharing, and bonding together, hence the Filipino Elderly Get Together Association (FEGTA) was formed. It has grown through the years and now it is one of the longest-running associations in Victoria.

What a better way to commemorate its 32nd anniversary than by having dinner dance party at Altona Grand Star Reception on the 25th of August 2018. It was a rousing success attended by three hundred members and guests from various organisations.

Masters of ceremony Willie Obien and Rowena Hansen made sure the night was filled with entertainment.

Perla Luetic graced the event as FEGTA’s guest speaker.

The AFAFMI (Association of Filipino Australians and Family Members Incorporated) and FEGTA performed the Muslim fan dance. This was followed by an exotic ballroom dancing of the Tango, La Bamba and Foxtrot rhythm by Lorraine and Maurie Vallaro (husband and wife team).

We all enjoyed the graceful dancing of FEGTA members on their interpretation of Tracie Leigh and the Swing Waltz. Other dances included Abanico, Payong and the modern, funky, hip-hop dance of Dahil Sa Iyo.

Certificates of recognition were also awarded to deserving members of FEGTA for their selfless service and dedication to the association. Door and raffle prizes were given during the night.

The ambience was electrifying and the music invigorating that kept the guests dancing on their feet the whole night. Kudos to the officers, committee members, volunteers, sponsors and donors who made the event truly special and one of the best events of the year.

FEGTA has 130 members that include not only Filipinos but other nationalities as well, their ages ranging in their 20’s to 90’s. They meet every first Sunday of the month.

FEGTA is also actively involved in multicultural events and outdoor activities

Gloria Moscosa is the lovely, cool, calm and collected, hardworking president of FEGTA. The rest of the officers are Vice President-Edith Feliciano, Secretary-Mila Casole, Treasurer- Julie Wood, and Auditor-Luisa Rivo. The executive committee is composed of Asst. Secretary-Gemma Mendonez , Asst.Treasurer-Julia Scully, Raffle-Liza Neos and Sherley Langley, Hall Catering-Conrado Miranda, Décor-Ben Alvarez and Music-Ernie Rivo.

FEGTA 32nd Anniversary Ball photo gallery – Photos by Eddie and Nieva Escall


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