Fil-Aussie solicitor releases autobiography

“A Pebble That Floats”, an autobiography by Imelda Argel


Our very own former columnist, Sydney based Filipino solicitor has published her autobiography entitled, “A Pebble That Floats”.

Imelda Argel was born into a family of prominent Filipino lawyers and in the 1970’s she was on a steady upward career as a top corporate lawyer in Manila, Philippines.

But a painful betrayal forced her to restart life as a single mother in Sydney, Australia, where she encountered a culture that was far removed from the one in which she had been brought up. Suffering from casual racism and discrimination, where she was often viewed as little more than a “mail order bride” and never valued for her legal qualifications and extensive legal experience, she was forced to adapt quickly. Against the odds, she worked hard to rise above adversity and regained the recognition she deserved.

She tells her amazing story in a memoir that is a testament to healing, unwavering faith and finally finding unexpected love. Imelda received multi-awards both in Australia and the Philippines, including the Philippine Presidential Award in 2012.

You may order her book online as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover. Please feel free to call 0407 669010 or email for enquiries.

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