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Alba Iulia
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Fil-Aussies in politics

A call for Filipinos to be represented in the Australian government

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By Walter Villagonzalo

Many of the 60,000 Filipinos in Victoria belong to the more than 100 religious, geographical, sports, common interests and business organisations that we have. These organisations produce many community leaders – but we need many more. Our families have needs and our community organisations have concerns we want the local, State and Federal governments to know and address. We need our leaders to speak on our behalf, not just in our Filipino organisations but also in the wider community, the migrant communities and in the local Councils, State and Federal Parliaments. 

We want our voices to be heard. 

We want to see more Pinoys to represent us in government.

At the 24 October 2020 Council Elections, nine Filipinos were candidates in six Councils. Unfortunately, not one of the Pinoy candidates was elected but all of our candidates gained valuable experience and are grateful for the support of many volunteers and the Pinoy community.  

Pinoy sa Politics Movement Inc

The Pinoy sa Politics Movement Inc was registered in May 2006 to bring together Filipinos who are members of political parties or interested in local, State and/or Federal politics. The group will organise leadership training programs and will seek to collaborate with other Pinoy organisations to achieve our shared objectives. The next Federal election may be held in 2021, while the State elections in Victoria is scheduled for 2022 and the next Local Council Elections will be in 2024.

An interim election for the Pinoy sa Politics Movement Inc and Christmas party was held on 19 December. It was attended by community leaders in politics, supporters and future potential candidates. 

The following positions were filled during this interim election: Interim President – Florence Dato, Interim Vice President – Rafael Palorma II, Interim Secretary – Melba Waugh, Interim Treasurer – Frank Gabriel, Auditor – Rose Paredes, PRO – Rhea Alcantara, Victor Montederamos, Giann Kharlo Legaspi and George Psomiadis. 

Advisers for the group are Walter Villagonzalo, Melba Marginson and Rufo Paredes.

The group will formulate processes before planning an election in the next 12 months.

Filipinos in Victoria who have stood for elections


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Vic Pagunsan, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Rufo Paredes, Maribyrnong Council


  • Maina Walkley, State Seat Richmond, Liberal Party


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council


  • Joh Bauch, Federal Seat Jagajaga, Liberal Party


  • Michael Deverala, State Seat Niddrie, Democratic Labour Party;
  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council


  • Ferdie Verdan, Federal Seat McEwen, Rise Up Australia Party;
  • Michael Deverala, Federal Seat Gorton, Democratic Labour Party 


  • Ferdie Verdan, State Seat Gembrook, Rise Up Australia Party;
  • Joh Bauch, State Seat Tarneit, Liberal Party 


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council (Elected);
  • Joh Bauch, Harrison Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Rodrigo Bagon, Casey Council;
  • Melba Marginson, Maribyrnong Council, Australian Labor Party;
  • Joe Aguilus, Hume Council


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Elected Deputy Mayor, Wyndham Council 


  • Walter Villagonzalo, Western Metropolitan Region, Democratic Labour Party;
  • Oliver Squires, State Seat Malvern, Australian Labor Party   


  • Joe Aguilus, Hume Council;
  • Frank Gabriel, Grasslands Ward, Brimbank Council;
  • Rafael Parolma III, Taylors Ward, Brimbank Council;
  • Rufo Paredes, Maribyrnong Council;
  • Florence Dato, Harrison Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Melba Waugh, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Walter Villagonzalo, Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council;
  • Sam Alcordo, Whitehorse Council; 
  • Ricardo Buensuceso, Greater Dandenong Council

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