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FILCCA welcomes basketball sensation Kai Sotto to Australia

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The Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA) is proud to formally welcome one of the Philippines greatest exports, Kai Sotto a young basketball sensation who has been recruited to the Adelaide 36ers arriving earlier this week.

Photo credit: Adelaide 36ers

Sotto, at 7 foot 3 inches brings not only height but extreme talent on the basketball court and with this, a big dream of one day playing in the US NBA. But already this 19-year-old is an inspiration to the Filipino community, proving the hard-working ethic of Filipinos is key to unleashing success. 

Well adored in the Philippines, Sotto has an existing fan base of over 300,000 Instagram followers complimented by his entrepreneurial activities. Last year launching his own clothing brand ‘Kaiju’ and plans of opening up a global academy in the same name. 

Sotto has come a long way from playing on the dirt and concrete courts in Las Pinas, mentored by his Filipino Professional Basketball father Ervin Sotto. 

Kai Sotto was in Brisbane to train for a week before flying into Adelaide.
Kai Sotto has met his Physiotherapist and will be meeting other teammates.
Kai Sotto meets Adelaide 36ers teammate Mojave King | Photo credit: Erick Lucero

FILCCA President, Carmen Garcia said “Sotto exemplifies our community values and his sheer determination to succeed is grounded in providing opportunities for others to reap the rewards of following in his footsteps.” 

The Filipino community is the fifth largest ethnic community in Australia, often credited with their contributions in allied health services, community services, and the arts rather than business or sporting acumen. 

“Sotto is a great role model for our young Filipinos both here in Australia and overseas, we intend to harness his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to help motivate our young people to follow their dreams as he has done,” Garcia said. 

“Our community will be out in force to support Sotto as he hits the courts and very grateful to the Adelaide 36ers who have shown their full commitment to his successful settlement into the Adelaide community. 

“For anyone resettling into a new country no matter their age, ensuring an ecosystem of support and access to cultural customs is important. FILCCA and the SA State Council are excited to welcome Sotto and ensure he has all the comforts of the Philippines right here in Adelaide” Garcia said. 

“We are very pleased that Kai has chosen to play for the Adelaide 36ers. The Club is looking forward to engaging with the Filipino community as we head into the upcoming NBL season starting mid-November,” Adelaide 36ers Chief Executive Officer, Nic Barbato said.

To show your support and find out more information on club memberships and tickets for the upcoming season, contact admin@communitycorporate.com.au.

The NBL Season 2021-2022 will commence on November 18.

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