Filo chef to compete in global culinary contest

John Rivera
John Rivera
John Rivera with parents and sister
John Rivera with parents and sister

Filipino chef from Melbourne John Rivera competed with nine other chefs from the region to advance to the global finals of S. Pellegrino Young Chef to be held in June 2018 in Milan, Italy. His winning dish was the Filipino signature sinigang but with his own leveled up interpretation.

Rivera’s sinigang was a reinterpretation of the Filipino hot and sour soup made with smoked tamarind and complemented with Australian produce. The Hapuka was steamed and served with taro cooked in coconut cream and turned into a silky puree. He also used calamansi oil to his unique creation.

According to the young chef, “This competition means a lot for young chefs and Filipinos in my generation, who are looking for their heritage and ways to show it in their food.”

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