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Following his dreams: Fil-Aussie Billie Kid signs record deal

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Up and coming artist, Billie Kid has signed up to a record deal with Star Music Group in Melbourne.

A talented force to be reckoned with, Billie Kid was born in the Philippines, raised in Sydney and now lives in Melbourne. He recently entered The Voice Australia and has a diverse range of skills as an artist, designer, performer, songwriter and music producer.

In an interview with The Philippine Times, Billie Kid shares how he has turned his skills and passion in creative arts and music into a business and career.

Kid Cudi announces his first festiv...
Kid Cudi announces his first festival
Billie Kid performed on The Voice Australia 2020

What are your businesses?

I am a full-time signed recording artist, songwriter & producer for Star Music Group under the alias’ Billie Kid & KONSEP, managed by Richard Rinaudo. I also run two joint businesses on the side – Fuego Kustoms (my fashion label) and Wall Wolves (my wall mural agency).

Stemming from a childhood love for colour and imagination, I thrive within the avant-garde fashion and world of arts. My hands-on passion for creating customised one-of-a-kind pieces, statement artwork and bold murals have attracted attention from many small businesses, large franchises and A-list celebrities such as Slick Rick (NYC), MC REN (NWA) & the J-DILLA family.

I have worked on creative projects with Petta Chua, Fashion editor of Vogue Australia/GQ.

Billie Kid

What inspired you to follow your creative passion?

Before my very good friend passed away, he drove me out to the country and made me question everything I was doing and why I wasn’t focusing on what I truly loved.

I moved to Melbourne and left everything behind that I worked hard for in Sydney, to pursue music with all that I had in my pocket.

I kept quiet for months, worked in retail full-time (which I got fired from, and it was the best thing that happened to me) juggling live music gigs on the side, worked real hard on my musical skill and entered a reality tv show, “The Voice” and made it all the way to Top 100 in the last few months.

Filipino Aussie Billie Kid The Voice Top 100 Finesse

Filipino Aussie Billie Kid The Voice Top 100 Finesse

Highlight of 2020 for me ⭐️Being able to rep my country on such a big stage & getting this far 🇵🇭 thankful for my loving family, friends & my amazing manager Richard Rinaudo who signed me shortly after 🙏🏽I know it's tough times right now, but just a reminder to never give up 💪#SMG#TheVoiceAUGeplaatst door Billie Kid op Zaterdag 15 augustus 2020

Billie Kid is working on music under Star Music Group, due for release in late 2020.

Did you experience any challenges going against cultural stereotypes or what your family wanted you to do?

To be honest, my parents just wanted me to graduate in something. They’ve tried for years to push me into graduating a degree, but I’ve always been into my music, dance and art rather than academics. I am fortunate to have parents that understood that they could not mould me, and eventually gave me freedom to do what I loved.

Suffering from depression earlier in my adolescent years – creativity would always save me from going into a downward spiral, so they recognised that, and let me do what makes me happy. My inspiration will always be my family. I think for all Filipinos, family is a big driving factor as we are all very family orientated!

I think as a Pinoy, music has always been a massive part of our culture. And I’m proud to have come from such a beautiful, colourful and festive country!

Billie Kid’s family at The Voice, aired June 2020

Billie Kid will be releasing new music in late 2020. Follow Billie Kid now:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/billiekidmusic
Instagram: http://instagram.com/billiekidmusic
YouTube: http://youtube.com/billiekidmusic
and Spotify Billie Kid

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