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Goodbye, Ka Joel

JOEL P MAGPAYO | 17 May 1941 -4 November 2020

Joel P Magpayo 1941-2020

The Philippine Times joins the Magpayo family and the Filipino community in mourning the passing of Ka Joel Magpayo last Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

Details of his funeral will be announced later.

Ka Joel is survived by wife Lynda; daughters Mylene, Marie and Jemima; sons Joel Jr and Origen; grandchildren Alexander, Andrea, Samuel, Jaime, Lyndon, Jomane, Michael, and Adrian; and grandchildren Leyla, Natasha and Alicia; and great grandchildren Jaylan, Tyler and Valentina.

Ka Joel was The Philippine Times‘ resident artist. He drew his last caricature for our 30th anniversary issue that is due to be published this month.

He was one of the authors of Katha at Guhit which The Philippine Times published in 2016 together with Asther Bascuña Creo, Lydia John and Dina Mananquil-Delfino.

Ka Joel spent his time creating art pieces winning local and international awards and spending time with his great love, his wife Lynda Magpayo.

Rest in peace, Ka Joel.

About Joel P. Magpayo

Born on 17 May 1941, Ka Joel Magpayo was born in the Philippines and migrated to Australia with wife Lynda and five children in 1979. He finished his studies at the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts and was a Cartoonist Exchange in Ohio, USA.

Magpayo bagan his career as a freelance artists at age 16. He did comic and magazine illustrations, vizualising for advertising companies and later shifted to full-time painting at age 24, when he got married.

He did over 16 solo exhibitions in Australia and the Philippines and actively exhibited at the Rotary art shows around Australia. He had won over 160 Arts awards and commendations. His works hang in private collections both here and abroad. He ran demos and workshops around Victoria.

Magpayo was a fellow of the Australian Guild of Realists Artists, co-founder of the Filipino Artists of Melbourne (FAME), and also a member of the Victorian Artists Society.

As The Philippine Times’ resident Editorial Cartoonist, Magpayo in 2013 won the best in the Editorial Cartoon category of the 2nd Multicultural Media Awards (MMA) for his Divide and Conquer cartoon, a satirical take on Filipino unity.


Magpayo’s art

Some of Ka Joel’s works of art are available on the following online sites:

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