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A guide to cowboy hats and their types

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When we think of cowboy hats, the image that pops in our mind is of a man in the western regions with a straw in his mouth and a large hat that shields the face. Cowboy hats are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and you can also mix and match these hats with western dresses or use them for theme parties.

These days we find many celebrities wearing cowboy hats. Even Jeff Bezos was seen wearing one when he went into space. However, the one thing people don’t understand is that there are various types of cowboy hats available. Let us look at some of the different hats one could choose from.

Different types of Cowboy Hats

Traditional western hats

This is the first image that pops into our minds whenever we think about cowboy hats. These have withstood time, and even though they have now evolved, they are still the most widely regarded cowboy hats. These are some of the essential riding gears that are also used by countryside jockeys.

Straw hats

These originated some thousand years ago when the people could no longer bear the heat. These are made out of straw, a lightweight material that is easier to carry in the sweltering heat of the desert. Some of these cowboy hats are very elegant when they are tightly woven and have detailed designs. They are easy to wear, light to carry, and do not fade even when you wear them during hot summers or rainy seasons.

Felt hats

These have been coined the perfect hats for the desert weather. They would protect the body from the heat and keep the cold at bay during the nights in the desert. Some of these hats were ven perfect for fanning the campfire and holding water for the horse. These hats are ideal for camps, holidays, and sports activities. These are available in many colours and animal fur.

Leather hats

Another great investment of cowboy hats is getting leather hats. They offer great style and can also last long. However, they are not the best when it comes to protection against water. Therefore, you should either waterproof these cowboy hats or make sure they don’t come in contact with water.

Cowboy hats can also be personalised. These days when cowboy hats have also been a mandatory part of the uniform in several regions, the sheriff can be distinguished with the embellishment. These hats are popular as they also have several benefits, including pulling water from a stream for the wearer or horse.

Different creases

In addition to different styles, there is a subcategory which deals with the different creases that can be found on cowboy hats.

Cattlemen’s crease

This is one of the oldest types of creases and the most commonly used crease. The cattlemen wanted to distinguish themselves from the normal rodeo look and hence went on with this style. You will find a single crease down the middle of the hat and two creases along the side.

Pinch Front Crease

This type of crease can be found on women’s heads. These would highlight the delicate jawlines and make a face look narrower, making it the perfect accessory for women.

As you can see, there are various choices of cowboy hats you could choose from. They can also be differentiated based on functionality and how they make your face look. Therefore, having proper knowledge of these before committing to a particular is essential. There are different cowboy hats for different occasions. Make sure you choose the right one for yourself and seek professional help if you are still confused about your choice. 


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