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Health is wealth

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Editorial Cartoon April 2016 by Joel P. Magpayo
Editorial cartoon April 2016 by JOEL P. MAGPAYO

Living in a fast-paced world where many things are ruled over by money and other things we need and want, we cannot help but keep up with the pace that drives many of us to attain them. We work too hard to earn decent to good wages; we eat what are easily served than what are inherently nutritious and healthy, some of which takes time to prepare through proper cooking; we work too long yet also sleep so little; we tire ourselves more than we could rest; and when we are sick, we result to artificial medications than what nature provides for our healing.

As a result, we compromise our health in attaining wealth gotten through our work, apart from the so-called natural process of “wear-and-tear” also known as aging, by hastening or aggravating on it.

At its bad, we end up looking older than we could be; tired than we should be lively; or worst, sickly than we are healthy. Our overall lifestyle has been intoxicated by the demands of our day-to-day living. We are basically poisoning ourselves with our developed lifestyles as we adapt to its demands and pace changes.

We are more likely to do what makes us profitable when we are in a healthy body than we are paying for recuperation when we are sick. Cliché as it may seem, but the proverbial “health is wealth” saying still applies to this day as it had back in the past and whose logic remains true time and time again.

Recently, the warnings involving the toxicity of a stressful lifestyle has never been more apparent than it normally has with the sudden influx of prominent individuals in show business going through early demise as a result of poor health unnoticed.

If you are into Philippine show business, then it would probably come as a shock to you when renowned Filipino TV and film director Wenn Deramas known for his comedy movies was reported dead due to a case of cardiac arrest, only to be followed by another case of a different director— Francis Passion who directed the hit TV show “On the Wings of Love”. He died due to the same condition in just a week or so.

But just as two directors dying due to poor health conditions are not scary enough, then three probably will – at around the same day Passion was found dead on March 6, another veteran in the showbiz industry, Cornelia “Tita Angge” Lee was said to be struck by a massive heart attack which rendered her in critical condition and even pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital but was lucky enough to be revived.

When asked as to the potential root cause of these incidents, Quark Henares, another film director, points the blame to the poor working hours every film director has to endure as part of work which likely leads to exhaustion no one knows about but the person inflicted with it.

Yet, the same is also true elsewhere where poor health causes people their demise they would have prevented should they have lived a healthy lifestyle.
Be active. Eat healthy. Stress less. Rest More. It’s simple, really.

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