Raining Grace - Raine Cabral Laysico

When I was younger, I didn’t have a mental picture of who I wanted to be my boyfriend. I was too busy exploring the world and testing the boundaries of what I can achieve. I was always driven and ambitious (I still am) and boys were never on my radar. Coupled with an overprotective father, growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, let’s just say there was neither the desire or inclination to go cray with the opposite sex.

I had my family as the centre of my world, my friends, my books and all my extra-curricular – Debate Captain, Orator, Extemporaneous Speaker, Glee Club, Communication Arts Club & Youth Group member, Features Editor of The Isabelina -our school paper, the list goes on. I did all of the above plus my studies. 

Looking back, I am very thankful to my mama, for never curtailing my growth and for always encouraging me to try new things.

Fast forward to the eve of my 21st birthday, by this time, my Dad had been gone for eight months.

I was attending Mass at Scout Hall, Sunshine where the Holy Redeemer community would have its anticipated Mass every second Saturday of the month. 

Coming into the hall that night didn’t feel that momentous, it was a regular Saturday night and I was feeling quite lonely as it would be the first birthday that I would have with only one parent. 

But at this stage, I had placed my complete trust in the Lord, so I tried to always let go and let God.

Mass proceeded without fanfare, and after Mass, Maryanne- one of the members of the youth group- who I met the week before approached me to introduce me to her two brothers, Michael and Jonathan.

The rest of our story can be found in the poem below.

Strange how life can be,
Across a crowded hall thirteen years ago,
Our eyes met.

No, I didn’t love you then, but I wanted to know you
You intrigued me, the same way I intrigued you back.

When we smiled and shook hands, there was that instant connection. 
Neither of us could look away.
My skin tingled and I felt butterflies, but I kept calm 
Even when we both felt it.

We are each other’s polar opposite.
I’m loud to your quiet. Spirited to your calm.
And for this reason, we balance each other out.

I always rush headlong into situations, take risks 
and never hesitate to leap without looking. 
Whereas you would sit back, assess the situation, 
triple-check everything then finally make your move. 

Endless conversations, laughter, tears 
and heartbreak spanning thirteen years…
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I loved you then, but I love you more now.

Every day I thank God that we have each other.

Too Much, Always

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