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From Struggling Student to PTE Expert: How Moni’s PTE Magic Helps Filipinos Achieve Their Australian Dream

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The Pearson Test of English Academic, commonly referred to as PTE Academic, is more than just an English proficiency exam. It paves the way for a myriad of opportunities. Favoured by international students, professionals, and nurses for academic pursuits, visa formalities, and nursing certifications in English-speaking nations like Australia, it stands out as a top choice for many.

Moni Vuong, once an international student aspiring for permanent residency in Australia, now leads a renowned review center aiding thousands globally and has an impressive following of 80,000 on YouTube. Her journey is truly inspiring.

In a recent engagement with Moni Vuong, her inspiring journey was explored and the essence of PTE Magic unveiled; here’s what she had to share:

Moni, your journey from student to PTE expert is fascinating. Can you share what led you to establish PTE Magic?

Moni: Thank you. I moved to Australia as an international student and completed my Bachelor of Business Administration from Macquarie University then Master’s in Professional Accounting from the University of Technology Sydney in 2015. After working for a year, I realised my deep affection for Australia and aspired to secure Permanent Residency. While attempting another English proficiency test, I fell just short of the required score for the visa application. That’s when I discovered PTE. Successfully passing it and obtaining my Permanent Residency led to a pivotal decision. Together with a close friend, we founded PTE Magic in Sydney. Our mission has been to guide thousands of students towards achieving their educational and migration dream, much like my own journey.

English proficiency tests are many. Why would one choose PTE Academic?

Moni: PTE Academic brings something unique to the table. Its integrated scoring system means that when you’re assessed in Speaking, you can also earn points in Listening and Reading. The concise two-hour duration prevents burnout and keeps candidates engaged. And one of its features is the rapid release of results – an advantage for those on tight visa application timelines.

What are the top 3 challenges students face when preparing for the PTE Academic?

Moni: Firstly, since PTE is computer-based, quick typing skills and a solid grasp of the test’s structure are crucial. Next, tasks like ‘Repeat Sentence’ and ‘Write from Dictation’ often pose challenges, as they demand both comprehension abilities and short-term memory retention. Lastly, the PTE system sets a high standard for spelling and grammar accuracy, necessitating consistent practice from students.

PTE Magic
PTE Magic

Does PTE Academic truly reflect real-life English situations?

Moni: Absolutely. Its integrated scoring system signifies the interconnectedness of skills; good writing often builds on effective reading, which is why reading can influence writing scores, and vice versa. Tasks like ‘Summarize Spoken Text’ ask students to distill audio lectures, mirroring experiences in academic settings. Moreover, for tasks like ‘Repeat Sentence’, it’s not just about parroting back but truly understanding the content, much like everyday conversations.

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With over 30,000 students served, what do you believe are the main factors behind PTE Magic’s success?

Moni: At the heart of it all, we truly value our students. We strive to provide them with personalised consultations and consistent academic support. We’re proud to offer an AI practice platform that aims to assist students in their preparation. It’s designed to help them practice and refine their strategies with immediate feedback.

How do you tailor your coaching methods to accommodate students from diverse backgrounds, especially Filipinos?

Moni: We pride ourselves on having a multicultural team, ensuring we resonate with students from all walks of life. Specifically for our Filipino students, our Admission and Academic teams include members of Filipino descent. This enables effective communication in both Tagalog and English, ensuring a deeper understanding of the students’ cultural nuances and needs. 

Moni Vuong
Moni Vuong
PTE Magic

Do you have any tips for beginners or Filipino students preparing for the PTE Academic?

Moni: Absolutely. Start by thoroughly understanding the test format. Focus on key areas that need the most attention. It’s beneficial to seek a tutor whose teaching approach aligns with your learning style. Create a structured study plan, and I’d strongly recommend taking a mock test before the actual exam day to gauge your preparedness.

Your YouTube channel and TikTok have gained a lot of attention. How do you determine what kind of content resonates most with your audience?

Moni: I try to focus on an interactive approach on my YouTube channel. Instead of merely giving out tips, I aim to provide step-by-step walkthroughs, showing students how I was able to achieve 90 score in PTE. This way, students can see the practical application of the advice. I believe it’s this approach that has resonated with many, though I’m always open to feedback and continuously learning.

Lastly, where do you see PTE Magic in the next 5 years? Are there any new initiatives or projects on the horizon?

Moni: Currently, we’re fortunate to have branches in Australia and Vietnam, with the latter recently being acknowledged as a Top 20 Education Brand. Our vision for the next five years is to expand our presence in the Philippines by establishing trusted review centers. We’re working towards offering students a blend of both online and in-person study options. We also recently organised an event in Makati and planning to conduct few more workshops this year in Manila, Cebu or Davao.

PTE Magic

Moni’s transformation from a struggling student to a beacon of hope for PTE aspirants is a tale worth telling. As Filipinos continue to chase their dreams in Australia, Moni’s PTE Magic stands as a testament that with the right guidance, dreams aren’t just dreams — they’re realities in the making.

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