JAKARTA, Sept. 10 (PNA/ANTARA News) — The Indonesian Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has asked Philippine authorities to immediately finish the legal progress of Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso’s human trafficking case so that her execution in Indonesia could be immediately done.

“We only hope the Philippines could immediately and quickly complete her legal process there to give certainty,” Attorney General HM Prasetyo said here Friday.

He said there must always be conclusion over a case. “It is impossible for us to remain uncertain. You (media) must also help other parties who are against (the) death penalty to understand,” he said.

He said that the AGO is not happy to execute narcotics convicts on death row but it has to be done.

He said the ruling is legally binding as all legal avenues have been exhausted and that the most important thing is “we wish to save the nation (through it)”.

Regarding the recent visit of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the Attorney General said that it had nothing to do with the execution plan.

“It has nothing to do with it. What is certain is that Mary Jane’s case would be settled here because her crime happened here,” he said.

He explained Mary Jane came to Indonesia bringing narcotics and was caught red-handed.

“Her execution has not yet been carried (out) because we respect and honor the legal process in the Philippines over her case. She has been reported to have become a victim of human trafficking,” he said.

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