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Rising Star Jolzyne Impreso: From Junior Leagues to FIBA, a Basketball Journey

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Jolzyne Impreso has played at a representative level as early as 8. Now at 16 years old, she is listed as a FIBA player for the Philippine National Basketball team she awaits for the next tournament ahead.

Early Beginnings: Representing at the National Level from the Age of 8

Until the next international FIBA tournament opportunity presents itself, Jolzyne is currently playing NBL1 with the Inner West Bulls, Australia’s semi-professional level of Basketball. As the youngest player in the team the Inner West Bulls has provided her an opportunity for next level playing experience and train with the best.

Training with the Best: NBL1 and Inner West Bulls Provide Next-Level Experience

“Having this opportunity will help me play better at the international level ” she says.

Jolzyne’s aspiration and journey to play for the Philippines requires self-discipline and training routines to keep conditioned.

International Ambitions: Preparing for the Next FIBA Tournament

Following on from her oath taking and declaration to play for the Philippine National Team in 2022, she becomes the first Filipina in New South Wales to be playing NBL1 level, and the first at her age. Her history of playing at a high level of basketball has been consistent.

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Jolzyne was also among the top talents selected to play for the Fil-Nation Select team in the NBTC League 2023

Consistency and Accomplishments: Jolzyne’s Impressive Basketball Career

Formerly a representative player in the Waratah Metro Junior League (MJL) from 2016 as the jersey #6 point guard with the Hills Hornets, she has accomplished numerous awards throughout her years having played at the Hills Hornets, some of which includes under 12s 2016 Player’s Player & Hustle Award, 2017 Best All-Round Performance, under 14s Players Player award. In 2017, her team finished as runners up for both MJL and at the Junior State Championship.

In 2019, Ben Simmons held his first-ever camp in New South Wales (NSW) at Hills Basketball stadium, where Jolzyne was awarded the Ben Simmons award for recognition of her skills at the camp. She was selected for D-league BNSW program and selected in BNSW programs.

Recognitions and Milestones: Awards and Achievements Along the Way

In the same year, Jolzyne was awarded by Basketball New South Wales (BNSW) State Championship MVP as the Most Valuable Player for her performance in taking some of the crucial moments in the game with her sharp 3 pointers that secured the Hills Hornets to the Australian National Junior Championship, Waratah Metro Junior League, and winning the NSW State Championship game.

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