Jose De Piro Kabataan Orchestra 2019 Australian Tour

Jose de Piro Bataan Orchestra - Free Concert

Everyone is invited to attend Jose De Piro Kabataan Orchestra 2019 Tour of Melbourne and Regional Victoria from 11 June to 15 June 2019 at different Victorian Colleges.

The group’s Australian tour is facilitated by Thomas Carr College, Tarneit, St James the Apostle Parish, Hoppers Crossing North and St Bernadette’s Parish, Sunshine North communities who have raised over $30,000 to enable the orchestra to tour Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Schedule of concerts

Four concerts will be held at the following locations:

  • Tuesday 11th June 7:00pm at Thomas Carr College, TarneitSOLD OUT
  • Thursday 13th June 7:00pm at Trinity College, ColacBOOK NOW
  • Friday 14th June 7:00pm at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, BraybrookBOOK NOW
  • Saturday 15th June 7:00pm Our Lady of Mercy College, HeidelbergBOOK NOW

concert is free.

Please only reserve your seat if you are definitely coming to ensure maximum attendance.

About the group

Nestled in the quaint town of Dinalupihan, Bataan Province, Philippines, is an extremely humble man, Fr Joe Cremona, a member of the Missionary Society of St Paul (mssp). He lives amongst, serves and supports the members of St Catherine of Alexandria Parish.

Fr Joe’s mission in St Catherine’s Parish started all the way back in June 2005. At this time, he had no official place to live in and was moving from house to house for the first couple of weeks. He had a chapel to celebrate Mass out of but that was the extent of his living arrangements.

Originally, Fr Joe admits, he struggled in seeing the impact he could make in this community as he did not always feel welcome. However, he persisted and went from house to house to identify the needs of his community. He realised that after school hours, many of the children were left to their own devices as their parents were often away working. Fr Joe saw dangers and risks in these situations and decided he could make an impact in this area.

Fast forward a couple of years and the parish was given a large property covering 10,000 square metres, where the Jose De Piro Formation Centre, named after the founder of the Missionary Society of St Paul, was born and is now located.

Initially, the centre was used as a place to teach children to play the guitar, so that they could provide music during Eucharistic celebrations within the parish. However, this quickly expanded to a string orchestra as the children asked to learn more instruments. Thus, the Jose De Piro Kabataan Orchestra was formed!

By 2014 the orchestra grew to what it is today with over sixty trained musicians. This group is ever evolving, with the introduction of new instruments such as the trumpet, trombone and drums and with the initiation of new students into the music program.

“In this province, for the children to have this opportunity and something of this extraordinary quality, is not only beneficial for them, but also for their families and for the whole community,” according to Fr Joe.

Many in the community could not believe the growth that has taken place in five years. It is a great achievement by any standards. Fr Joe sees the potential in these young people to develop their gifts and talents and be able to achieve extraordinary levels with their music, which has seen them attain scholarships in Manila universities.

The biggest challenge that Fr Joe and his team have is to change the mentality of the community, who are not always supportive of the programme. Fr Joe and the music teachers are trying to change this attitude through the life lessons that the children are learning with music.

The Jose De Piro Formation Centre is treated like a second home by many of the local children, it is their safe haven from the outside world. – Jessi-Lee Wright


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