The Knox Community Enthusiasts (KCCE) successfully launched the opening of another KCCE branch at the Rowville Library located at the Stud Park Shopping Centre, Rowville, Victoria last Friday 2nd August 2019. Players received a warm welcome by the Library Staff led by Megan who helped set the tables and chairs as well as supplying free coffee and tea for the event. 

KCCE chess program in Rowville Library
Knox Community Enthusiasts in Rowville Library

Eddie Atacador, the founder of KCCE, says  “KCCE prides itself on providing a chess hub that provides a friendly, casual, informal competitive chess game for everyone to enjoy regardless of skill levels. KCCE’s mission is to develop a forum for social interaction, encourage active ageing and promote Multicultural and Intergenerational participation of diverse groups and individuals through the exciting game of chess.”

Rowville’s long-time residents Luvy Esquejo, Rene Barachina and Billy Velasco attended the opening day and were impressed with the program that KCCE has to offer to the community.  Billy, an occasional chess player and prolific library user, observed that “KCCE chess is an added attraction to the many great features of the Rowville’s Library. I am here today because Eddie invited me,” Billy claimed with excitement!

Several chess aficionados from Westfield Knox who participated in the opening chess event were Peter Swensen, Dignus Kamden, Tony Lamden, James Van Eerden, Chuan, Jun and Nancy Bonzon.

KCCE group are thankful for the great support of Linda Dalziel, Branch Manager, Rowville Library, Linda Keenahan, Seniors Support Officer, Knox City Council, Sally Dusting Laird, Community Development Projects, Coonara Community House and Rachel Bremner, Manager Coonara Community House.

Edwin Velante and Rolly Hernandez are the volunteer organisers of the Rowville chess session every Friday of the week from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  

The Knox Community Chess Enthusiasts project has been supported by a grant from the Knox Council Community Development Fund. KCCE is auspiced by Coonara Community House.

Benefits of playing chess especially for seniors

  1. Stimulates the growth of dendrites. Playing chess stimulates the growth of dendrites which increases the speed and improves the quality of neural communication throughout your brain.
  2. Exercises both sides of the brain. Playing chess will effectively exercise and develop not one but both sides of your brain. This is a good way to complement physical activity.
  3. Lessens the risk of dementia. Playing chess, which stimulates brain function, measurably decreases the risk of dementia such as Alzheimer’s and combats its symptoms.
  4. Helps treat schizophrenia. Playing chess may help some schizophrenia patients improve some of their mental abilities. It helps through increased attention of a task, planning, and reasoning abilities.  
  5. Relieves boredom. Playing chess never gets boring and this, in turn, can assist seniors to assuage feelings of boredom and loneliness. Chess can spur interest, amusement, and satisfaction. 

There are many more benefits that playing chess provides. Aside from mental health benefits, playing chess is also a good pastime and a great way to socialise.

KCCE chess program in Rowville Library 2
KCCE chess program in Rowville Library in Rowville, Victoria.

If you want to participate in KCCE chess program in Rowville, Victoria, please call Eddie 0409 417 719, Edwin 0405 101 349 or Rolly 0432 598 354

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